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2007-03 California experience from Karen

I actually work at one of the venues that the CT's came to in southern CA. It was the day that their flight back to LA got cancelled. They had to rearrange their flights, transportation, and set list, plus leave Deirdre and Matt (TD) behind in Idaho.

I must say, that despite the frustration and mayhem this all must have caused, the guys were absolutely delightful to work with and to listen to, though at times, with their energy, it felt a little like herding cats. But by the end of the day, with entourage reunited again, it felt like we were saying good-bye to 4 new friends.

I get to hear a lot of voices in concert doing what I do, and I was especially struck by the clarity of their voices and the blend of their harmonies, not to mention the comedy/variety of their show. (James does a great pout and Daryl tries so hard to make the goat jokes work I can't stop laughing!) I spent the show backstage, and really wanted to hear them from the front, so I hauled my husband the next week, on my day off, down to La Mirada to see them again.

We weren't disappointed. Plus we had the chance to hear Deirdre, which was an added bonus! Her voice is so pure. Her and Matthew's version of The Prayer was just touching. Their voices compliment each other so well, and bringing the connection of siblings to the song gives it another beatutiful dimension. I also got to hear David play much better this time. Even my husband commented on how he found himself just listening to David play.

Of course, I was also struck by how long they spent after each show talking to patrons and signing autographs. It is partly "what you do" when you build your career, but it was evident that it was more than that to them. They truely enjoyed each person they spoke to, young or old, and I knew it wasn't because of their careers. It was mostly due to who they really are; these are just a group of decent, nice, talented, hard working guys. That is what made me a fan.

Well, that's my story.
So long for now,