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2007-03-11 Cincinnati

reviewed by Linda and Gary


Gary and I arrived at the Cincinnati Music Hall at 1:30. We weren't at all anxious. LOL They wouldn't open the doors until 2:00 so we enjoyed the beautiful warmth of a sunny day.

Upon entering we immediately went to the CD/DVD sales display to find Joyce. This music hall has their volunteer staff for sales and Joyce was not permitted behind the sales area. She is such a good sales woman; I hope sales didn't suffer with her absence. We were able to find her and gets big hugs. She always looks so pleased to see us.

Gary took some pictures of the exterior and interior of the Cincinnati Music Hall. This building was erected in 1877 but the society has been in existence longer. When talking to an usher he thought that this music hall had the largest seating capacity of all the older concert halls. I saw a sign saying that it seated 3467.
When you look at Gary's photos you'll see how beautiful it is.

We met Ennica and George in the lobby and had such a great time getting to know each other and comparing impressions. When the bell rang we went to our seats with confident anticipation of superb things to come. As Ennica reported earlier, it was a packed house. I would guess fewer than 100 seats open.

The orchestra entered with bright red coats, black slacks and white shirts. We estimated it to be a 100-piece orchestra. Tito Munoz the short cherubic 23-year-old conductor entered and then introduced our beloved David.

The orchestra started the concert with an overture of Irish medleys albeit some were Americanized. We were able to recognize all the tunes but only some of the titles. They were McNamara's Band, My Wild Irish Rose, an Irish Jig, an Irish Lullaby and others. When the orchestra was playing I envisioned my old black and white movies with Dennis Day or Bing Crosby singing and Gene Kelly dancing.

Matthew, James and Daryl bounced in on stage and sang the familiar Spanish Lady. I must say Daryl's double steps are quite impressive. The lads were wearing their black suits, white shirts and dark ties.

After they introduced themselves they sang Caledonia. I don't know how to describe how I felt. All I can say is that warmth started in my toes slowly rose and expanded in my heart. Caledonia also gives me delicious goose flesh.

It was the first time we had heard I'll Tell Me Ma. It was cute and peppy and sang with David's piano only.

When Shenandoah was introduced the audience sighed with delight. I believe mine were not the only watery eyes listening to this wonderful a Capella version. The Tenors received a long hearty applause.

Nella Fantasia was started and on her cue Deirdre appeared from the left side of the stage and walked in front of David to reach the boys. She was wearing an ecru double-layered dress with a bunched front that pulled up to reveal a lacy crinoline. It had a shawl collar with a bow at the bust and ¾ length sleeves. When the song was over the boys left the stage.

Deirdre talked about growing up in a musical family. As Ennica reported, when Deirdre asked if the audience could guess which of the Celtic Tenors was her brother, Matthew quietly opened the door and pointed to himself with twinkling eyes. This was just ornery brother teasing little sister and received laughs from the crowd. We adore watching and hearing Matthew and Deirdre sing The Prayer and enjoy the chills of pleasure produced from the experience. The audience was very appreciative too and showed it with long applause.

I can't expound further on Ennica's review of Libiamo. Comedic perfection! I think Deirdre enjoys playing a saucy minx.

After Daryl's dedication of You Raise Me Up to his parents we heard another collective sigh from the audience and very long applause at its conclusion.

There was a lot of banter introducing All Out Of Love. Of course, James welcomed us to his world. I can't remember who said it but they invited us to feel the love, feel the song and feel the person sitting next to us if we so desired. The audience thought this was very funny but the best was when Matthew said that this song was a crack. I believe Daryl stopped him and told him he couldn't use that word in America because it didn't have the same meaning as in Ireland. Matthew went on to explain that it meant fun. David piped in that that was what is was for some people here too.

The crescendo of All Out Of Love never fails to leave a chill up my spine. What a great song to lead into intermission. (And of course the loosening of their ties). We left our seats in the 8th row to go visit Ennica and George in the 3rd row. Out seats were great for seeing the Tenors but if you wanted to watch any of the orchestra we were also too close. When we went back to our seats the people around us noticed our Circle of Friends name tags and asked questions. I think every fan club member should wear one to every concert.

The second half of the concert started with Mull of Kintyre with the lads in their velvet jackets and brocade waistcoats. Next was The Star of County Down with only David as the accompaniment. Again with piano only was An Cailin Rua. I must say David was in rare form when James announced the dedication to Linda and Gary from Champaign, Illinois and Ennica. David quipped something like " and she doesn't pop her cork for just anybody". LOL You know that the three of us
appreciated having a dedication and listening to a lovely song for the first time (at least Gary and me). It was beautiful even if the red haired girl ran off with the butcher.

During Nessun Dorma the audience was prompted to sing the aah chorus. An audience member sang a bit too long which caused Daryl to throw out "that is why the soprano always dies in the end" Total eruption of laughter!!

Deirdre emerged in a shimmering emerald green and aqua outfit. The aqua was a long sheath with the emerald green jacket being held by a cummerbund. Her pumps looked to be gold. She exquisitely sang Will You Still Love Me. Not only does Deirdre sing like an angel and always looks beautiful but also she allows her friendships to show with such warmth and modesty.

Bacarolle and Anthem were enjoyed with another long applause and pimply flesh.

Back to piano accompaniment only was Paddy McGinty's Goat. The squabble has been perfected and Matthew had a hard time not laughing as he tried to mediate. When James stomps off the stage and Matthew follows the conversation (supposedly in private) is uproariously funny. Daryl has the perfect curtsy. All in all it is over the top!

The a Capella Danny Boy received the longest applause so far until Remember Me. The audience went wild. I'm not sure how to describe how I felt but it was sort of weightlessness, a freedom of spirit being raised to a higher plain. I've always loved this song but the performance was the embodiment of quality-absolute perfection. It touched my soul as no other time.

A Time To Say Goodbye was when Deirdre came out in her black gown with white appliqué and rhinestones. She wore her matching fringed scarf. She looks stunning in anything that she wears. Con te Partiro is one of my favorites and I think should definitely be on the next album. The audience must have agreed because the group had to take 4 or 5 bows before leaving the stage. The audience still demanded more so the Tenors and Deirdre graciously came out and sang Ireland's Call. They announced their Meet and Greet and exited stage left.

In conclusion of the review I only have to say that hearing the Tenors with an orchestra is definitely icing on the cake, pure sweet indulgence.

We did go through the line and had our DVD signed. Gary and I were having such a great time enjoying Ennica and George's company and schmoozing with James, Matthew, Deirdre and David that we missed taking group pictures. Daryl had slipped out before we had realized it. We did kidnap David and had him take a picture with the four of us. Matt the tour director used our camera. I told David that we would post it on the fan site and he said that it would be very
expensive. I asked him how much he would pay me for it and he laughed and said that he liked my humor.

Once again Matt coaxed our performers away and we all had to leave. It was a wonderful afternoon.