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2007-03-10 Charleston

reviewed by Jenny and Brian


Brian and I returned from a fabulous CT concert this weekend in Charlston, WV! I see that others already have posted some beautiful reviews about the concert as well. The Orchestra combined with the Tenors voices - incredible! I never tired of hearing them sing or watching them perform. I'm in awe of their special gifts and talents.

Of course we brought up a handful of members from Deirdre Shannon's fan club to see her perform again. She is the epitome of graciousness and thoughtfulness. There is a picture of Rich Ropes and Deirdre on her forum taken in the lobby after the concert. We thought we would have to tie a rope around his foot because he looked as if he were about to float away! We met quite a few of her other fans and they are all so wonderful. Her presence on the stage is absolutely mesmerizing as is her voice when she sings. I just adore her to pieces for so many reasons that I could probably fill up a book! I was thrilled that she sang all of my favorite songs that night.  Especially "Will you still love me tomorrow"! No one does that song better than Deirdre! I love watching the way she handles her fans too. She treats people with such dignity and respect. Actually, they all
That is such a huge deal for me too because there is not enough of it in the world, so when I see it, I genuinely appreciate it. One has the sense that these are very kind people. Brian and I wouldn't trade any of them for the world. Deirdre especially is stuck with us! She's definitely a "keeper"!

Now... I hate to rub this in... but I did get another kiss and some hugs from the guys this time!... and David ...LOVE HIM! He is hysterically funny! I would love to adopt all of them and bring them home here to live with us on a permanent basis, but I don't think Brain would allow it unless they sang for their supper! Hmmmnnmm... maybe I could move Brain outside to the shed................... NOT!!! :-)

Can't wait until our next concert!