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2007-03-11 Cincinnati

reviewed by Ennica


Alright, ladies and gentlemen! I have here my notes on the March 4th and March 11th performances of the Celtic Tenors and Deirdre Shannon with the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra. I can write a decent review as a result. LOL! Bear with me.

Let me start out by saying that it was a pleasure to meet Linda and Gary from Illinois on the 11th, and they are so nice. I also had the pleasure to meet one of Deirdre's fans from Canada. George had driven 28 hours to be there for the show. He said afterwards that it was worth it to see Deirdre and the Tenors. Of course, we all know that. :-)

As for me, I drove in from Louisville, MS, the night before. I got in at 4:10 a.m. Sunday morning after a 10 hour drive. Of course, this was after the time-change to Eastern Time and Daylight Savings Time ended. The show was an afternoon show at 3:00 p.m., so I got some sleep to be rested. I met George in the hotel lobby, and we went to the show together.

The show was GREAT, as usual. On the 4th, there was a nice crowd, but the venue was not full by any means. On Sunday, the venue was packed. Probably wasn't sold out, but it was definitely full. It was a very nice crowd, and everyone was very responsive to the show. We guessed there was some good word-of-mouth after the previous weekend's show. I know nobody's surprised by that here.

The set list of songs for both weekends is as follows:
Orchestra Overture (Warm-up for the orchestra only)
Spanish Lady
I'll Tell Me Ma
Nella Fantasia
The Prayer
You Raise Me Up
Out of Love of Kintyre
Star of the County Down
Cailin Rua
Nessun Dorma
Will You Still Love Me
Paddy McGinty's Goat
Danny Boy
Remember Me
Time to Say Goodbye

ENCORE: Ireland's Call

On the 4th, the audience was surprised that Matthew and Deirdre were siblings, and Deirdre played it for all it was worth. On the 11th, she took a different track and asked if anyone could tell her which of the Tenors was her brother. (I played fair and didn't tell.) However, Matthew peeked out from the wings before she was ready for him and gave it away.

I must say that "Libiamo" is a very nice song. I particularly liked the role-playing that they do as they sing the song. I almost fell out of my seat laughing while watching James and Deirdre make eyes at each other over David's piano. Oh, the irony!!! Matthew, of course, separated them because he wanted Deirdre to be with Daryl. The faces they make at each other are priceless. I loved that part
of the show.

"Paddy McGinty's Goat" gets better each time I see it. I think they work at trying to come up with new lines for the dispute over the leading lady. The audience roared with laughter each night in Cincinnati.

I was glad to hear "All Out of Love" and "Mull of Kintyre," which are my favorite songs from the "Remember Me" and "So Strong" albums, respectively. "All Out of Love" was the last song before Intermission, and James said as much. A lady in the front of the audience let out a whoop, and James singled her out and asked if she was cheering because it was the last song before Intermission. The lady said no, that she was cheering because Matthew took off his tie and Daryl loosened his. James promptly took his off, too, to the delight of their audience.

Deirdre sang "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow," an old Carol King song. It was her only solo. I happen to love that song, and Deirdre does it justice, which is hard to do. I have to tell ya'll what happened when she came out for "Time to Say Goodbye" in that black dress with the silver accents. I call it her Meet & Greet
dress. There was a young couple sitting next to me. They looked about college age, so between 20 and 25 years old. When Deirdre came out in her M&G dress, the boy said, "D@mn!!" His girlfriend promptly let go of his hand and punched him in the arm. I couldn't listen to the song because I was laughing so hard. I can't say I blame the boy. She always looks great in that dress.

The boys dedicated "An Cailin Rua" to Linda and Gary and to me. That was nice of them. It's such a pretty song, and it gets my vote to go on the next album. I think James has a knack for names. Both nights he gave the thanks and there were about 10 names on the list that he recited from memory. Good job, James!

I had third row seats for the March 11th show. Those were very good seats, but they were almost too close. It was close enough for them to see me, though. Each one of the boys made eye contact with me at least once. They each have their own way of acknowledging people they know in the audience. Daryl winked at me. Matthew smiled at me. James does this thing with his eyebrows, and I
waggled mine back at him. I don't think Deirdre saw me until the end. She winked at me at the end, though, so I know she saw me at some point. I see why most people here want a seat between the third and eighth rows. I think that's my goal from now on, too.

In my previous review, I mentioned that someone was trying to get Deirdre to leave before she was ready. I didn't know his name. I introduced myself this time, and his name is Matt. He's their tour manager. He's actually a nice guy. Too bad his job is to be strict timekeeper so that the boys and Deirdre can be their usual sweet selves. :-)

Speaking of how sweet they are, Linda and I watched Matthew get up from the M&G table and walk around it to talk to a very elderly lady with a walker. From the look on her face, it was a memorable moment for her. He didn't have to do that, but that's the kind of man he is. They're all that way. David came to see us as we were waiting in line, and he didn't have to do that.

That brings me to a realization I had this weekend. I love Matthew, Daryl, and James. I love Deirdre. I love David. I love their music, which gives me goose bumps all the time, but I love them as people, too. They are all GOOD people, and I think that's why I go out of my way to see them. I don't do that for just anybody. I certainly never thought I'd drive 10 hours to see a concert, but I'd
do it again in a heartbeat. I'd ask if you guys think that's weird, but I know I'm talking to kindred spirits here. I enjoyed meeting Linda and Gary, and I hope I get to meet the rest of you someday.

That's my review. I hope you enjoyed it. It was my last concert for a while, so that's the last review for about 6 months. :-p