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2007-03-10 Charleston

reviewed by Glenda


As the newspaper reviewer didn't seem to give as glowing a review as the lads, Deirdre deserve, David, and the WV Orchestra deserve let me try to straighten things out.

I can't list all of the songs, but nearly two hours of music were ours to enjoy. Many of my favorites were on the list, including Caledonia, The Spanish Lady, Ireland's Call (Sabrina and I did the motions - which James and Matthew saw from the stage), Remember Me, Danny Boy, and Shenendoah. Some that we had never heard were also on the "menu," such as Paddy McGinty's Goat, Nessun Dorma, The Red-haired Girl (dedicated to Sabrina, Jennifer, and I as well as Cynthia and her party)and another about a goat (can't remember the name
exactly or know how to spell it).

The comedy "skits" were marvelous. Let me just say that James and Daryl had a "huge disagreement" that resulted in James leaving the stage completely, quite offended. Matthew, grand man that he is, was a perfect mediator, and was able to convince James to return to the stage by explaining that Daryl had been taking estrogen pills to "hit the high notes." James did, indeed, come back out and Matthew was even able to get James and Daryl to shake hands and make-up. I will say, however, that as they turned away from one another, both James
and Daryl wiped the handshake off of their hands. All in all, "the fight" was, of course, acting, and if the lads wanted to, I'm sure they could do a comedy movie or tv series. But, for now, I prefer their singing. How about a documentary, "A Day in the Life of the Celtic Tenors," maybe?

Daryl was, and is, an absolute delight!! Should Niall decide not to return, I vote to keep Daryl forever!!!!!!!!!! His voice blends seamlessly with the lads and is a perfect fit.

Deirdre, was a much anticipated highlight of the evening. I have waited to see her for five years. The wait was well worth it. Her voice is so pure that it gives me chills. She came out in an eggshell colored gown to sing "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" As the man from the paper mentioned, her second gown shimmered between blue and green, which I thought was absolutely gorgeous. She mentioned that she tours with the Celtic Tenors often and that one of
the Tenors is, in fact, her brother. She asked if anyone in the audience could guess who that would be. Me, being the shy person that I am, immediately threw my hand in the air and waved it wildly until Deirdre saw it and called to me and said, "Who do you think my brother is?" I, matter of factly answered, "It's Matthew." Deirdre looked quite surprised and asked how I knew that. I explained that I have been watching them for five years. At that point, she invited
Matthew out, and a beautiful version of The Prayer was performed quite powerfully.

Let us not forget David. His piano was flawless, as usual. But, his jokes were a wonderful addition to the repertoire. There were several requests made by James to "turn off the musical director's microphone, please." One joke, in particular, made the whole audience chuckle. There was an explanation in progress that most duets are love songs. Matthew and Deirdre both thought that for them
to sing a duet love song was a bit, well, wrong. David mentioned that they would be in Tennessee next week. He meant, of course, to say, Kentucky. Matthew said it was a perfect way to ruin a joke.

The only thing I regret about the evening is that there wasn't time for pictures afterward. After the meet and greet, they attended a reception, then had to be up at, like 5am, to leave and head for Cincinnati.

Currently looking for the next concert to attend. Sabrina and I have decided we want to try to see them in Ireland!!!

To Matthew, James, Daryl, Deirdre, and David..... thank you, thank you. For music that no one can surpass, or match. Thank you for being so wonderfully down to earth. Continued success on your current tour.

I make only one request.... Stay healthy!!