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2007-02-28 Etten-Leur

reviewed by Ali


Obviously nobody reviewed Etten-Leur. I think it can't be unmentioned. Almost all appropriate words have been used already in the other reviews. So I hook on them. I do agree with the most comments.


I was to delighted to write something down during a concert. It was just great to be able to go several times.


I heard the curse in Hoogeveen and didn't like it. In Veenendaal I was so happy that it was gone. 'Hoe durf je' is much better in every way. It has much more impact.


Yes, Daryl did a very good job. I thought I would miss Niall, but no, not a moment. And yes, James is very special.


Paddy McGinty's goat this way, is a show on its own. Every evening there was something different in it. Great.


Shenandoah song by Daniel Rodriguez was my favourite version. Until now.


Song for Ireland was touching. Granada was a pleasant surprise.


I can name all songs, but I don't think it is necessary. Just one more.


There was an extra. After Ireland's call the Celtic Tenors came back again and sang Danny Boy. Without microphones. A perfect end of the Spring Tour part II.