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2007-03-04 Cincinnati

reviewed by Tom


The show in the Music Hall in Cincinnati was fantastic! The Hall itself is really large with a lobby with very high ceilings and carpet everywhere.They have sales counters for cd's and chocolate of all types.The Music Hall has three balconies with seating for 3400. If we had any empty seats,I didn't see them.The acoustics are fantastic,the decor is lovely and the aisles are carpeted. It really looks like a Music Hall in Vienna.

I went around to several people before the show started and asked if they had ever heard the Celtic Tenors? They all said no. I think this Hall has a big subscription group. I told them all that by the endof the evening they would be Celtic Tenor fans.

The orchestra was wonderful, maybe 50 or more members. They played a medley of Irish songs to get things started. They started with Macnamara's Band and finished with When Irish eyes are smiling.As soon as they started you knew it was going to be a wonderful evening.The music filled the beautiful Hall to the point I felt chills thinking what a great orchestra for our CT's to be singing with.It was going to be terrific and it was terrific.The audience stood and applauded often and were thrilled with each song. Most of the songs were the regular one's but this audience had never heard them. The Tenors started with "Spanish Lady"
and the audience started to clap immediately. Some of the other songs were "Mull of Kintyre","Caledonia ","Danny Boy" (complete silence for 3400 people),"You Raise Me Up","All out of Love", "McGinty's Goat","Star of the County Down","Time to say goodby", "Ireland's Call" for the encore.


There were many others but I was enjoying the music and all the people in the theater who were really having a great time.I noticed that Deidre had three different dresses,she looked beautiful and sang beautifully too. Daryl's double curtsey after being scolded by James for acting feminine, had everyone laughing as did James' feigned anger. I haven't seen James for awhile,he really is looking great. Matthew just keeps on being wonderful.

They were mobbed at the meet and greet with many holding their new cds to be signed. I went up to two ladies I had spoken to earlier and said " I told you so"! They had their cds in their hands. At the break,the lady behind us came back to her seat and whispered to Diane,"I bought two cds". Diane overheard a group of ladies discussing the show and she heard them say ,"let's come back next week".

To some the old songs may become too familiar but to this audience every song was great.As Matthew said early in the show "We're selfish Tenors, we sing the songs we like".Well this crowd liked them too!