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2007-02-25 Purmerend

reviewed by Petra


First of all I would like to pay a compliment to everybody who wrote one of these fantastic reviews. That was really hard but important work, ladies. Somehow I envy you because you can remember everything so precisely. Neither can I tell if they played "Anthem" at the beginning nor can I remember any single note of that song.

But in any case I can agree with Andrea, that time always flies by so quickly when we spend it together with the guys. This time I even had the feeling that the concert passed by at the speed of light (why does this phenomenon never happen when I am at work?). When the intermission was announced I thought: What??? No, no, no. It can't be. They have just sung three songs, haven't they???

Before singing "Caledonia" (which is my absolute favourite song, followed by "Nella Fantasia" and "Fionnghuala" ) James mentioned the names of two(?) people and also mine with the addition that I have extra come from Munich and then he dedicated the song to us. Thank you James! :-)) I was melting away.

Thank God that there wasn't such a long queue at the "meet + greet" this time. James, Daryl and Matthew were nice, friendly, kind, polite, considerate, sincere, sweet, cute, fetching, lovely, charming, adorable, irresistible, mind-blowing, overwhelming, breathtaking, admirable, impressive, handsome, lively, hilarious, wonderful, hearty, emotional, passionate, touching, soulful, romantic, magical, heavenly, divine, marvellous, brilliant, fabulous, tremendous, awesome, terrific, fantastic, grandiose, phenomenal, great, super, perfect .... as always!

Finally I got the chance to talk to Deirdre for the very first time and obviously she was also very pleased to meet me. I told her that when I had seen her at this certain TV show in June I had been utterly blown away. Not only by her voice but also by her beauty and the wonderful dress she had worn. Oh, what a pity .... I have forgotten to tell her that my second thought was that if I were a man I would haven fallen in love with her right away. Deirdre is so graceful, beautiful and adorable. Simply to kneel down! And she wrote a lovely dedication for me.

I also had the opportunity to talk to Matthew for a moment. When I told him that I especially like his solo-song "I will never let go" and that it goes around in my mind for several weeks already he was all smiles and was as pleased as a Punch.
Of course I had a brief chat with James and Daryl, too. I was honestly surprised that they recognized me immediately because I have a new short haircut now. Shall make me look a bit more cheeky and zippy because the hair should stand up a bit (like it is trendy with men's haircuts nowadays, which I like pretty much). But unfortunately the rain and heavy wind ruined everything. What a pity.

All in all I can say that all was quite exciting, eventful, interesting, stunning, impressive and inspiring. The people were all nice, friendly and helpful. I was literally knocked down by all the impressions and experiences. But most of all I was glad that everything turned out well with the flight (no delay) and the train to Purmerend. I arrived at the "Centraal Station" in time and was happy to meet Rianne there. We had a nice time together.

Do you know this? When you are scared, dangerously close to a nervous breakdown and you have the feeling that your mind will explode any minute because of all the "What ifs ..." then all your fears vanish in the air at the end. But if you are not concerned then surely something will go wrong.

Thanks to Deirdre, James, "Ballerino"- Daryl, Matthew, Niall, David and Martin for bringing so much joy and fun into my life. Although it is always rather nerve-racking for me in the run-up I am thankful to be able to see them. I don't want to miss any single song, not any of the stories, not one of the stage jokes, the happy moments and the sad moments, the laughter and the tears, not any of the goosepimples, not one of the määääähs, not any of the pirouettes, not one of the glances and looks, the friendly words, the loving hugs, the bright smiles, the heartiness. All these things are a perfect compensation for all the stress and it is all worth the energy and costs. No one can ever take away this reminiscence from me. It will forever remain at a very special place in my heart.

Thank you so much.