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2007-03-03 Blue Bell

reviewed by Licienne


Yes this is a mini-epic..and the more I thought about it I had to tell the entire day..and yes I am still on cloud nine after the concert I don't remember driving home!!!

My day started with having to clean out my garage because we are having a new garage door put in then time to shower and head out the door to get gas and off to pick up my girlfriend Deborah who's now a fan. My hubby was late getting back and I ended up leaving 30 minutes late so I had to Finally I get my g/f and we are off her b/f was joining us..we went out to eat at a great steak place and I have now fallen in love with VZ Navigator on my cell phone it was perfect with directions.. I ended up getting to the theater in record time.ok I drive like my hair is on fire..


We got inside and I looked for Joyce Covington it was like a reunion, we talked for a while about the 2 month tour they are on. They have an insane itinerary I was exhausted reading Joyce's copy of it.Also Joyce mentioned to me as she did the boys that when they mention the "Goat Section" that they should add "if one of the goats brings the Crumpets the goats could have a "GOAT TEA"".I thought that was great.!!! I told her I would run a poll for it.!!!

Finally it's time to get our seats.oh my 3 rows back and at the end with no one in front of me and the theater was very nice a lot better then the last one I saw them at..I was going crazy waiting.well then some people come over and say we are sitting in there seats.NOT!!!! I got the manager and yes their box office made an error and I told them I WAS NOT she ended up putting the people some place else..ummmmmmm my seat problem had the boys come on stage 8 minutes late since the woman that I complained to was the one to introduce them.oppps.. ROFL

Then the house lights went down and David comes to the stage..and the concert started..don' t ask me the order of the songs, I was in the clouds.but yes they did tease James about the Dutch concert and the "goat" (yes Joyce, James does have your note about the goat), and Daryl's pirouette was magnificent..I can honestly say that Daryl has settled in with Matthew and James there is a  wonderful easy playfulness and connection and I can see the difference in 3 months (since I saw them last) even though some of the lines were scripted you could see the ones that were just fun teasing and I love's like they are one very happy family and of course they pick on David and we all know he loves it. OK then it's time for Deirdre to come on stage...OH NO! OH MY! It wasn't her, it was Donna Malone.she was incredible and at only 19 she has incredible stage presence and voice and her gowns were gorgeous..her mezzo voice really blended so wonderfully with the boys and I honestly and purely enjoyed her very much, She will go very far with her voice..I was sorry that Deirdre wasn't there but the Cincinnati fans will be blessed with her beautiful voice and heart, Donna was only singing the one night with them.

I talked with them after the performance but they were rushing to get out since they had a 630am flight in.James (his crew cut is growing out) asked how I like the new songs they added and I said I loved them I want to and need to hear them all again and I booked a room for the Altamont NY Irish Festival so many I might see them at some of the other performances while I am yes I will be seeing them again in I warned him I'll him there! I gave each of them a St. Patrick's Day card and entrusted Matthew with Deirdre's and James with the one for David which had a button attached making him Irish for the And yes I know here in the US we celebrate it very different then they do in Ireland but I just had to give them each something.

So all in all I thought Jinxy Celt was back but alas it wasn't in the end..the concert was incredible and as always the boys and Donna were gracious and warm and wonderful and the boys were on Dutch time of about 2am when I saw them I don't know how they keep up the pace.. yes almost 24 hours later I am still on cloud nine and I loved the new pieces the added.

Love to all the fans, James, Matthew, Daryl, David, Deirdre and Donna.