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2007-02-18 Veenendaal

reviewed by Veronika


Rianne has already given a perfect agenda and playlist of this year's dutch tour, which I appreciate very much. Those of you who know me will remember that I am absolutely unable to make lists after I have taken my seat at a CT concert. So it was this time!


Nothing can calm troubled waters and put things into the right position as listening to your favourite voices and music!


As the CTs stepped on stage I felt like coming home, and I enjoyed every little bit of the show, all the familiar songs and the excitement of the new songs..... and the 'new' tenor, Daryl, whom I heard and saw for the first time, he seemed so much integrated into the celtic tenors harmonies! What an amazing man! Taking over such a difficult part as Niall's does require a strong personality, and the way Daryl introduced himself as being from Northern Ireland and dedicating 'You raise me up' to his parents who taught him the essentials of life brought tears to my eyes and captured me.....also of course his soprano part in McGinty's Goat or ?McGoaties' Gint?, and his extremely intelligent eyes I spied in the meet and greet after the show! Welcome, Daryl!! The way you say 'Schönen Abend ' with a tiny Swiss accent is absolutely unique and unreached. And you are very special!!


'The Irish Rover' was such a surprise!!! I'd never have thought I'd ever hear this song by the CTs. I have a copy by The Dubliners in my car and it is my 'dope' for Monday mornings when I have no 'drive' at all to drive to work! Imagine,how they raised me up when they sang this song,banged this song, raised the roof with this song! I was so happy!


'An Poc Ar Bhuile' and 'the red-haired girl'were new to me,and so touching! Thank you, lads! 'The Prayer' was a highlight, too. Such a beautiful song, a beautiful couple of sister and brother, and Deidre's cream-coloured gown! A dream, a dream! Scarlett O'Hara would have no chance and don't let me start comparing Matthew to Rhett Butler! Stop!!!! Don't even think of it! The gown was so superb!!!!


All the new new songs were such a treat!Libiamo!! So beautiful, and over so quickly. 'Angel of Mercy' I knew from the CD, also Holly's fate, but as I heard the song live, and as James announced it, talking about little Holly, it is a very earnest moment in the concert, and you have a feeling that people who are able to sing about sadness are really previleged compared to those who don't have the talent! In difficult situations of life, how much more can you say in a song than in just spoken words! How often do we envy talented people, but very often I feel that their talents require more responsebility, and these moments make me feel very respectful for talented people like our CTs are!They don't just sing, but live their responsebility!


On a brighter note:don't they usually speak of masses of sheep they have in Ireland? And now I hear two songs about goats in just one show!! Now isn't this a bit too much commitment for minorities??? But very entertaining indeed! Maybe sheep aren't that entertaining?? Now I have read a lot on this forum about Paddy McGinty and his goat, and I never could make much sense of it, even now I did not understand everything, but I still have a chance next Tuesday!, but WOW, it was a Shakespearean drama the lads set on stage about this damned goose and the lady, and I felt so sorry for James, yet admired Daryl for his soprano and grace and style, and found Matt (for a first time) overstretched by the whole situation! I was completeley stirred up until James finally calmed down the drama as a PERFECT Celtic Goat!


"Shenandoah" is one of my all time favourites, it was only a question of time that the Celtic Tenors were to perform it, and I enjoyed their a capella version so much, deep sighs and some tears again....... onlyto be topped by No, je ne regrette rien...maybe, one day? Or at least 'Bright Blue Rose'??


Caledonia is always a highlight, and James dedicated it to the fans who had come that night..isn't it a beautiful song, hmmmmmm!? Bye the way, the Caledonian Musical Director was in great form, when the lady with the flowers appeared after the show, he grabbed the flowers and the lady and disappeared with her into the curtains..... and he was NOT in the meet and greet!


I only had a few words with each of the tenors and Deirdre as well after the show, we still had to drive home, and so many people wanted to talk to them, so I did not take any photos, and I forgot (Sorry Heather!!!!!!)to remind JAmes of the summary, please forgive him and me, and especially and always HIM, he is sooooooo very and extremely special!!!!) For Nessun Dorma's sake, forgive him! Bye the way, he could think of arranging 'Paddy McGintys Moose' for Canada , justfor political correctness, you know!


I enjoyed myself to bits and cried myself to tears at the concert, and I am very much looking forward to my next one next Tuesday. How wonderful to live in the middle of nowhwere in the Lower Rhine Area when a CT concert is only a 40 minutes drive away!


Before the concert I met Alexandra in the foyer, and Anja and Beate joined us a little later. We had a nice time to chat before and after the concert, imagine it is almost five years that we have all met! The three of them won't have time to write a review , they have better things to do today:-))


Enjoy all the excitement before and during your upcoming shows, everyone of you!


love and hugs to all