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2007-02-27 Uden

reviewed by Andrea


Again, it´s fascinating to see what three great Tenor voices and one beautiful soprano can do for a woman´s mood... I wasn´t too well the last couple of days, and at some point I even thought I could not go to Uden, but thankfully, one day before "my" show I felt better, so there was nothing in the way anymore to spend a brilliant night out in the company of dear Veronika.

We had arranged to meet at 6 p.m. in front of the theatre, and I chose an early start because of the weather conditions (neverending rain and some heavy winds), the typical traffic here in my home area and the fact, that I already had made my experiences in losing directions on the way to CT shows! So I started off at 3.30 p.m. already, which turned out to be pretty o.k., I drove slowly, with lovely music on and arrived safe and sound about half an hour before we wanted to meet. I found the theatre easily and walked around a bit, while waiting for Veronika to arrive. The ticket office at the theatre would open at 7 p.m., and both Veronika and I were eager to get our tickets in time, as we were both a little worried about Ute´s experience with reservations on the telephone! Until the ticket office opened, we had a drink at a nice bistro next door, and as soon as the lights went on in the theatre, we were there! I think we even were the first people in there ;-) But everything went well, we got our seats in row 4 and were eagerly looking forward to the show. It would start at 8 p.m., so we still had an hour to spend and sat down in the nice theatre lobby, where the first person we saw was David. He was chatting with someone, so we didn´t disturb him and enjoyed our time until it was time to go and get our seats.

Now, Veronika has proved to have reserved the perfect tickets for us! Row 4 was ideal this time, as I had the impression that the first 3 rows were rather narrow and row 1 even a wee bit too close to the stage (meaning, it would have served for a good neck ache afterwards!). Then there was a wider space and then came row 4, and we had seats almost right in the middle with a perfect view to the stage! The rows behind us were narrow again, but we even could stretch out our legs and lay back relaxed in our seats.

The show started and the now well-known programme began. I liked how the lads came onto the stage one by one for Anthem. The introduction followed with the usual giggles about the book of Kells and Daryl´s promise, that the jokes would get better. As you know, I can never remember any order of songs, and I was so taken in by it all, so kind of "absorbed" by the music and song during the whole show, that I could not for the dear life of it remember what came next. Anyway, the setlist was written down by some kind souls who visited the latest concerts, so I hope you´ll bear with me.

I was particularly interested in the new songs, and I must say, I like them. The Red Haired Girl was really great, as well as the Dionne Warwick song I Know I´ll Never Love This Way Again. I´ll tell me Ma was not new to me, to my surprise, I had heard that song before, somewhere, somewhen, it sounded familiar, but of course with the special touch of our Tenors it was even better. Now on to the well-known songs... I must say, All Out Of Love is one that can blow me away over and over again! Like they said, there´s probably no one who hasn´t danced to this Air Supply song before, I always loved this song, and even more in the version with our Tenors. So I was eager to hear it again. And I must say, the lads never cease to amaze me!!! How much power is in this song, how much feeling, how much intensity! Brilliant! After that song it was time for the intermission, and Veronika and I were both completely blown away. I for one really struggled for a moment to calm down, as it was simply overwhelming. I can´t count the many times that I had goosebumps all over! The second half started and within three seconds Andrea was in dream-land again. Another highlight was Nessun Dorma (which I love anyway) and I think, we made a good choir. I find this a lovely idea at all, to interact with the audience this way, it really is great fun to sing along with them, and it didn´t even sound bad ;-) Paddy McGinty´s Goat was brought to perfection, in my opinion. The comedy on stage was hilarious, even though I kind of knew what to expect (as I had already seen the "story" in Belgium last year, and read other reviews of this tour). Really good fun! Matthew ranting and raving about James and Daryl behaving like children was too good!!! Much too soon the last few songs were sung. Remember Me was another classic. I know some people say it´s time to drop that song, but I disagree. Keep it forever, please!!! After the moment at the end of the song, when they turn around on stage and sing the last bits, with notes and voices rising and swelling to the final crescendo (which I love most), a lady sitting right behind me let out a big "WHOAH!!!", a sound of surprised but true impression and fascination... I smiled silently and thought "well, that´s what you get when you come to see those wonderful singers". Perfection! Beauty! Being wow-ed! And and and.... :-) Time to say Goodbye came to early, as always.... why oh why does time always fly when one has a really good time??!!

The meet&greet took place in a small (and dark!) corner in the foyer and we had a little talk with all of them. James, I tried to talk to Matthew about I Know I´ll never Love This Way Again, but the man was too busy ;-) So I think it remains your job to make sure you keep that song in the setlist! AND... please...put Ten Thousand Tears back on it!!! PLEASE! I´m begging you! If there was any downer at all, then it was that you dropped this beautiful song!

I tried several times to take pictures with my cell phone camera, but it was too dark (hence the hint above), and too busy. Veronika got some good shots, so I hope she´ll share them soon :-)

About 10.45 p.m. I went on my way back home, and I was still so cheeful that tiredness had no chance to attack until I was home!