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2007-02-17 Hoogeveen

reviewed by Rianne

The concert in Hoogeveen was a special one before it even started, because the concert was my mum's birthday present.

We had already run into Gabi & Klaus in town, and when we went into the theatre, we saw them again, along with Anja and Beate. We spent some time with them before going to find our places. My mum and I had excellent seats in 3rd row, and there was no one in the two rows right in front of us, so it was like having front row seats without having to look up!:) The rest of the theatre was reasonably full, though not sold out.

It wasn't long before David and Martin came on, and they started playing "Anthem". You could hear Matthew's singing the first lines from the wings, and rather than bounding on stage together as they normally do, they came on one by one as their respective lines came on. First Matthew, then Daryl and finally James. It was a very nice opening of a PERFECT evening.

Here is the rest of the song list:
- You Raise Me Up
The Irish Rover
- An Poc Ar Bhuile
- An Cailin Rua (The Red-haired Girl)
- Nella Fantasia
- The Prayer
- Libiamo
- Angel Of Mercy
- In The Gloaming
- All Out Of Love
- The Belle Of Belfast City
- Shenandoah
- Star Of The County Down
- Caledonia
- Nessun Dorma
- I Don't Want To Talk About It
- Still By Your Side
- I Know I'll Never Love This Way Again
- Paddy McGinty's Goat
- Remember Me/Requérdame
- Time To Say Goodbye
- Ireland's Call

- While introducing themselves, James showed off this Dutch by saying "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, we are the Celtic Tenors" in Dutch. He got a huge applause, but when he introduced himself and the audience remained (somewhat) quiet, James complained "You didn't clap!", earning him another round.
- While introducing the (NEW) song "An Cailin Rua (The Red-haired Girl)" Matthew told the audience that it was another Irish/Gaelic song (after "An Poc Ar Bhuile"), and wanted to explain that it was "somewhat unusual song in that it's rather pretty....". Here, Daryl interrupted him by asking: "Is it unusual for Irish songs to be pretty?" Matthew (obviously) denied this, and then went on to tell the story behind the song, which I won't reveal, but according to Daryl the moral is "stay away from red-haired girls"....
- During "The Star Of The County Down" Daryl either got the giggles or forgot his lines, and resorted to babble. When the song was over, Matthew asked him what the babble was supposed to mean, and Daryl claimed he was imitating Sean Connery. "Oh, I thought you'd just forgotten your lines." Matthew said. Daryl: ""
- Last time, when they were about to sing "The Irish Rover", James commented that: "No matter how well they kept hiding that whistle, Matthew always managed to find it." They must have hidden it well this time, because "The Irish Rover" was sung without the whistle ;)
- While introducing "Caledonia", James said that it was "from David's homeland" and David asked "The asylum?"
- The Hoogeveen audience made a GREAT choir during "Nessun Dorma", thanks in part to the practice we were given beforehand. and finally....
- James gets bonus points for working his favourite Dutch curse into the "Paddy McGinty's Goat" squabble!!! :-D

All in all, it was a fantastic concert. Lots of great new songs (all wonderful additions, but "An Cailin Rua" and " I Know I'll Never Love This Way Again" deserve special mention!), a few "old ones" I hadn't heard in a while (I love, love, love "Angel of Mercy" - but next time I need to remember to bring tissues....), and the audience was very enthusiastic.

The M&G was cut short by the fact that the EXPENSIVE taxi my mum and I had ordered was about to arrive, so a big SORRY to Daryl that I didn't have time to say hello to him†- once the lines had cleared up we had to run. My mum and I had a lovely talk with Deirdre, Matthew and James, though.... :) And I am looking forward to seeing them all again in Rijswijk this Thursday!