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2007-01-27 Sligo

reviewed by Moni


It was a very nice evening with a still nicer surprise for me. But before I tell from these special surprise I want let you know the songs where I do still remember. The first song was Granada and than ( only a few and I do also not more know in which sequence was the songs ) Paddy macGinty ( I like funny songs ) the Prayer,Mull of Kintyre, Nella Fantasia, Time to say goodbye, all out of love, oh I'm not good in songs remember. But I still know that James, Matthew and Daryl was sing two times Irelands Call, and for that was a special reason. And this reason was a child choir including James` nephew, the first and the second class from the ( James let us know the name ) from Sligo. And as the childs was invite to sing as guests there they had say - ok but olny if James,Mathew and Daryl sing the " rugby - song " - The child choir have sing three songs, from two I know not more the titles, but one was a christmassong, and than that song from David .........ähhhhhhhh .... Something with "bells". It was nice to have a child choir in the concert, but anyway my thoughts was fly ever again to someone very special a few rows behind me, sorry James, Matthew and Daryl. Of course you three also very special, but ....... I think now you all know who was this special guy a few rows behind me, right??????? It was Niall. And I must say he is really looking great with his new hair cut. On the pics you can it not right see I think. It was so nice to see him again. And of course was there a meet and greet after the concert, and I have can collect a few hugs and squooshes from James, Matthew, Daryl and as I still was in the concerthall also from Niall. Nearly forgot that Cassie and her friend karlheinz was there to and before the song all out of love James have tell the audience the we three come from Germany only for the concert and to see the guys again. And than they have sing these song for us.

Like ever when go to see the lads it was a very nice but also a exciting and trying weekend, and James ;-)))) you must not ask again if that was worth for me - ja, it was worth that to do, it was worth each penny or cent.