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2007-02-24 Waalwijk

reviewed by Ute


ow Uli and I are back from a fantastic weekend though we nearly got a shock four times! But step by step now:


We started our trip to the Netherlands on Friday morning and finally after a five-hour-drive, we were able to listen to a Dutch radio broadcast. I love to hear this language, it sounds so funny and it's possible to understand a few things for us Germans. After another hour we reached our hotel and there we decided to walk to the theatre to get our tickets which I had ordered by phone months ago, as I did last winter. Now this was our first shock adventure, when that young man at the theatre told us that there were no tickets reserved for us!! He searched everywhere and I told him the name of the lady I've spoken with, the date when I had ordered them but he didn't find anything! Luckily someone had cancelled two tickets in row 8 and so we were more than lucky to get them. In future, I'll never order anything only by phone, I will always insist on a written confirmation. Big relief now by Uli and me and I put the tickets immediately in my bag. What a treasure....


On Saturday, Uli and I did some shopping in that small town with its nice pedestrian precinct, waiting with anticipation for the evening to come. Finally it was time to go to the theatre where we immediatlely saw Gabi and Klaus the first time. It was so nice to meet someone who loves the tenors as much as we do and soon it was time to enter the theatre.


The boys appeared on stage singing 'Anthem'. They looked great, and I liked their short hair! As for me this is a perfect song to start a concert and after a big applause James greeted the audience on Dutch and introduced them all. Another applause followed. The next songs were 'You raise me up', 'The Irish Rover' and 'An poc ar Bhuile', followed by 'An Cailin Rua'. I must confess I loved that red-haired girl right away and it was a pleasure to hear David joining Martin playing the guitar. Now it was time for Deirdre to join them singing 'Barcarole'. She looked stunning in her green dress and the song was indescribable! Next songs were 'Song for Ireland' (Deirdre), the prayer (Matt + Deirdre), followed by 'Granada', where Daryl got an extra applause for his pirouette. After that we heard 'Angel of Mercy' and 'The star of the county Down'. Now James introduced 'All out of love' and after saying "Welcome to my world" a lady in the first rows shouted "I'm free" and James shouted immediately to give him her phone number. You can imagine the laughters in the audience! 'All out of love' was stunning and Daryl's high voice gave me goose bumps. Now the interval was announced. We met with Joyce, her parents, Gabi + Klaus and had a nice chat before we returned to the venue.

The boys appeared dressed in black. They started with 'the belle of Belfast City'. I'm sure no one was able to sit on the chair without movement during that song. The next tune was totally different: 'Shenandoah' (a capella). What a song! What a performance! Now James dedicated 'Caledonia' to Gabi + Klaus, Joyce, Uli and me. This was a special treat for me because with 'Mull of Kintyre' and that song my love once started to our tenors. 'Caledonia' will always be a favourite of me. During 'Nessun Dorma' we, the audience, helped the boys singing this difficult song. And we did a good job!;-) Now Deirdre appeared singing Rod Steward's 'I don't want to talk about it'. After a short time Martin joined her - what a surprise! Uli + I were blown away. I've often heard this song on the radio before but now it was totally different with Deirdre singing it. It was perfect for her and Martin's voice was good company, too. This song should be a must in every concert.


'Still by your side' was very touching, too. The meaning of this song in much more deeper now for me. I loved James' voice, so soft AND strong at the same time. 'I know I'll never love this way again' was followed by the next funny song, 'Paddy McGinty's goat', and then 'remember me' (I love especially the beginning with Martin's guitar). 'Time to say goodbye' was the last song and the encore was 'Ireland's call'.


During the show, there was always bantering on stage and the audience was great.


While leaving the concert hall I considered who's more spoiled: We, the fans, for all the great music, concerts and time after the concerts we spend with the boys or the tenors themselves for receiving such a lot of love and affection from SO many of us fans!


Now a lot of people were at the meet and greet. Uli told me to tell Deirdre that the single song 'I don't want to talk about it' was worth buying the tickets. I promised to do this later because Uli doesn't speak English. We decided to have a dring untill the crowd surrounding the boys and Deirdre had disappeared. Uli ordered the drinks and before paying I saw him laying our camera on a small table close to him. After he had given me my glass he asked me: "Where's the camera" ? I immediately looked on the table - it was EMPTY! This was the second shock for me this evening. Last winter our camera didn't work and this one was Manuel's! Suddenly Uli said: 'Oh, I've put it in my pocket! Puuh....


Finally I had the possibility to talk with James and after talking with Daryl, James called my name and asked me to do a short interview together with Gabi for a Scottisch radio station. This question was the third shock for me and I said: "oh no, not me but Gabi and James looked at myself so determinant that I didn't dare to escape ;-). I was kind of upset now, I've never had an interview like this in German and now I should do it in English????? I walked with Gabi and the interviewer to a small table and I didn't have time to think about what to say because the reporter asked me a question immediately and taped me directly. After a few sentences he directed a question to Gabi. I don't know exactly what I've told him or if my pronunciation was okay, I was to upset! Gabi managed her sentences brilliant, I must confess :-)


After our small interview Gabi and I talked with that nice guy for a short while. He told us of his home country, Caledonia and during our talk I told him my age. He looked at me very serious and surprised saying: " Oh, you look like 21 " ! I LOVE that kind of humour and started to laugh. Unfortunately I forgot to call him an Englishman... (I once learned at school NEVER to call a Scotsman an Englishman ;-) )


In the meanwhile, Uli had searched me because he saw Deirdre approaching him. This was our last shock this evening (for Uli) because he wasn't able to talk with her and I wasn't around to help him and this was the first time ever we met Deirdre after a show. What a pity!


Now there was finally time for me to talk with Matt and he assured me to inform his sister concerning Rod's song. It was time to bring a perfect evening to the end and we said good bye to all. During the evening James asked me if we liked the new songs. YES, James, we DID! EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM !! My favourite songs have been 'Shenandoah', 'Barcarole' and 'Caledonia', but all the others I loved too and this time I didn't even miss one single song!

Music is a way to transport feelings and I know no one who manages this better than our Celtic Tenors !