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2007-02-25 Purmerend

reviewed by Rianne


The song list was identical to that of Waalwijk. The song which I called "Plaisir d'Amour" in earlier posts is actually "Barcarolle", and I have NO IDEA how I came by that other title. Oh well.....


I especially liked hearing Deirdre sing "Song for Ireland" again, since I hadn't heard that one in....forever and a day. I think the last time I heard it was during my first ever concert, which is almost 3.5 years ago!


A few anecdotes:


- While introducing themselves, the guys giggled at the fact that they were telling "such bad jokes so early in the afternoon" (the ones about the book of Kells), and later on, when Daryl started to jump up and down "exersizing" when James mentioned the word exorcise, Matthew shook his head and said: "They're getting worse"


- During his verse in "The Star of the County Down", James suddenly walked to the back of the stage and back to the front again. When, after the song, Matthew and Daryl asked him what "that little walk was about", James explained to the audience that his verse was "rather wordy (as in, has a lot of words in it)", and that the other two always try to put him off. Matthew immediately admitted that and said "In fact, we constantly try to put each other off. All through the show!"


- After some persuasion from the others, Daryl did a fabulous twirl during "Granada". According to James he used to be a professional ballerina, "something which not many people know, including Daryl himself." "BallerinO!" Daryl "defended" himself


- The "Purmerend Choral Society" did a fabulous job during "Nessun Dorma".
- When, while introducing "The Prayer", Matthew mentioned that it had been an honour to be a guest on his sister's brilliant album, Deirdre laughed and said he knew he was supposed to say that, otherwise he'd get a bump later. :)


- While Matthew told the audience about the tour with Dionne Warwick (in order to intruduce "I Know I'll Never Love This Way Again"), Daryl interrupted him to say "You are such a name dropper!" because, Matthew had also mentioned Air Supply in the introduction of "All Out Of Love". Matthew retorted by also dropping the names of Bill Clinton and Kofi Annan ;)


- And I'm still with James (and Gabi) on "I Know I'll Never Love This Way Again". Let's keep it!


- The Paddy McGinty's goat squabble was a great succes again.


- The guys got a huge cheer when they told the audience that Ireland had won from England in the Rugby Union. I think everyone in the audience was for Ireland that afternoon - even if the Dutch people are more into soccer and don't really "do" rugby.... ;) Poor David looked really sad when James mentioned - with obvious glee - that Scotland was defeated by Italy.....


- Daryl mentioned the Amsterdam Concertgebouw concert in August, and you could clearly tell the audience was duly impressed :)


All in all, this was a great way to spend the normally very boring Sunday afternoon.