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2007-02-22+23 Rijswijk & Capelle aan den IJssel

reviewed by Rianne


A double review this time!! I'm sorry I didn't post one for Rijswijk yesterday, but I hope this double review makes up for that.




Since both Rijswijk and Capelle aan den IJssel are ridiculously easy to reach from where I live (20 minutes by train and 25 minutes by subway respectively) it was only logical to go to both, especially since the next concert in the Netherlands after this tour is 6 months away! ;)


When I arrived at the venue in Rijswijk, I met up with Kristel and Harry Uijterwijk from "The Claddagh"  a Dutch magazine for people who like Ireland  who recently wrote a wonderful review of Deirdre's CD. Around 8:00pm (the concert would start at 8:15pm) we went into the auditorium to look for our seats. I was in 11th row, Kristel in 10th. We already knew the concert wasn't sold out, and were already planning to try to move to the first few rows if we could, but once we got to our designated seats, we both said: "Oh no!". As it turned out, 10th and 11th row were half a world (9 very spacious rows and a wide aisle) away from the stage. That só wouldn't do! :) We immediately went down to the stage and stood to the side to wait for the other audience members to sit down, so we could take any empty seats in the first few rows as soon as the concert started. As we were standing there, two ladies went to their seats in the first row, and I overheard them saying: "Wow, this is very close to the stage!". As a joke, I said to them "Do you want to trade? We're in 10th and 11th row." They laughed  of course they didn't want to trade  and one of them said "No, but I'll let you in on a secret: we have a ticket (seat) left!" Their friend, who was supposed to have come with them, had the flue (it's going around here) and hadn't been able to come." Kristel and I immediately accepted their invitation to come and sit with them. I took the "free" seat, and Kristel sat down beside me. We figured that, if someone should turn up for that seat, we could always say that she had just come to chat with me, and could move a seat up;) Someone did turn up for that seat, but he went to sit in an unoccupied seat somewhere else on first row, beside his friends, so everyone was happy!


The opening, and much of the song list are identical to Hoogeveen; the only difference was that a slight change in the order of songs, and they sang "Plaisir d'Amour" rather than "Nella Fantasia" with Deirdre. They added "Whisky in the Jar" to the song list (right after "The Belle of Belfast City/I'll Tell Me Ma"). In Hoogeveen, Matthew told the story behind "An Cailin Rua", in Rijswijk he told us why they had added "I Know I'll Never Love This Way Again" to the song list  because the song had grown on them during their tour with Dionne Warwick a few years ago. I'm still with James on this one: KEEP IT!! :)


- James has learned a few new Dutch lines. He tried saying the name of the venue a few time ("Rijswijkse Schouwburg"  I have to admit it's difficult!!) and gave the audience the Dutch translation of "I'll Tell Me Ma".
- James has indeed replaced the G-word with another, Dutch phrase. It's the Dutch translation of "How dare you!" and "Goodbye!", which he says to Daryl just before he storms off stage. The audience LOVED it! There were a few more "new" things said, but I won't give them all away.
- "Caledonia" was dedicated to Kristel and Harry Uijterwijk.
- While introducing "I Don't Want To Talk About It", Deirdre told the audience that "We Irish folk love to sing sad songs....". David interrupted her to ask: "Are 'we(e) Irish folk' leprechauns?" Giggling, Deirdre told him that she had meant "Us Irish folk".
- The audience, dubbed "The Rijswijkse chouwburg choir" by James, really did their best during the chorus of "Nessun Dorma", and towards the end, Matthew told the audience that they had been "the best choir so far". We might have believed that if Daryl hadn't asked him "Didn't you say the same thing last night?"
- Girly observation: Deirdre has a new dress (that is, one I haven't seen before)!! :) She sang "I Don't Want To Talk About It" in a gorgeous greenish/azure dress with matching jewellery. There was more, but I won't spoil the fun by telling you everything!


During the Meet & Greet afterwards, I got to make up for the fact that I hadn't said hello to Daryl in Hoogeveen (he forgave me) and helped out by taking pictures of the guys and an audience member and Deirdre with Harry Uijterwijk. The Meet & Greet was cut short by the fact that the guys and Deirdre had to leave, so I told them I would see them tomorrow, in.....




Since Capelle aan den IJssel, like I said, was so easy to reach, my mum and I could bring my grandparents there. They have been to a concert before (Spijkenisse, last year) and really enjoyed that, so they were really looking forward to it. I also brought my uncle, who had never been to a CT concert before.


The song list was the same as the Rijswijk one, so I will only give you a few anecdotes:

- James teased David while introducing "Caledonia" by saying that David's home wasn't "some closed institution or insane asylum". David complained, saying that "this guy is always so mean to me and all I ever did was help him". The audience was very sympathetic, but James called for David's mike to be switched off... Daryl then asked if the audience needed a translation of what David had said, and Matthew asked: "Have you seen the movie "Shrek"?", after which they all pointed to David. Poor Mr. Munro......
- Matthew asked Martin Quinn which part he liked best about the Celtic Tenors, and Martin said "I like the legs."
- The guys showed off their Dutch. All of it. Including "Prettige Kerstdagen" (Merry Christmas) and "en een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar" ("and a Happy New Year"), which got them a lot of laughs. ;)
- During both the Rijswijk and the Capelle aan den IJssel concert, Daryl mentioned to the audience that they will be performing in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw in August. The audience was audibly impressed (and rightly so)!
- James found out that squeezing "Capelle aan den IJssel" into "Ireland's Call" instead of "Dublin Bay" in the sentence "From the walls of Limerick to Dublin Bay" is even harder than pronouncing the city's name in the first place :) Luckily, Uden, Purmerend and Etten-Leur will fit better!


My grandparents and uncle really enjoyed the concert, and were particularly impressed with the performance of our beloved musical director (I'll just trust Deirdre to pass this on to him.....)!! The Meet & Greet was wonderful; I got to introduce my grandparents to our tenors and Deirdre, and they (and my uncle) were all very impressed with how nice and down-to-earth the guys and Deirdre were.


Anyway.....this was probably my longest post EVER! I hope you all enjoyed reading it.


add on:
James new favorite Dutch terms is "gekke geit", which is the Dutch translation of "Mad Goat" (An Poc ar Bhuile) :))