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2005-05-24 Pat's plan for wellness and success

A hen is successful at being a hen. A worm is successful at being a worm. Why then does society burden us with mixed signals as to what defines `success'?


Advertisements imply that if you buy a certain product you will be a better person, and even attract more friends. When does a pop-star `make it'? Is cutting a Number One Album enough, or selling a million records - is half a million enough? Are there different levels of success?


Surely a performer is `successful' when he/she is making a living from performing? I believe it goes much deeper than that. We all have the ability inside ourselves to become an expert in our own field - to create our own future.


Many organisations, for example the very popular `Landmark Forum' ( , can help people to live life to the full, to make a significant breakthrough in one's life, often beyond what your past may indicate is possible. Sometimes life uses us, instead of us using life. Another way of unlocking your unlimited potential is by finding `a life coach', to help you take charge of your life, so you can no longer blame others for the obstacles on the path to your goals. Pat Henry is one such `life coach'. A few years ago, after I lost five stone in weight, I decided to become a member of the `Pat Henry Fitness Centre' in Lower Pembroke Street, Dublin. Pat is a fitness consultant, Yoga therapist, motivational speaker, writer, and even a part-time actor.


Recently voted `Trainer of the year from the American Academy of Body-sculpting', Pat Henry firmly believes that "if you really want something in your life, you must believe you deserve it" (`faith can move mountains', and all that!). Firstly clarify and analyse your goals, determining what your major purpose in life is. Be honest, and realistic, about what you want to achieve, and continually measure your progress en route to your goals. Surround yourself with positive people; people you respect, like and admire.


Have a well-thought-out plan of action, and manage your time sensibly in order to improve your performance and productivity. Review your goals, and don't be frightened of modifying them along the way. Visualise yourself as `a star in your own movie' - a movie in your mind - so that your goals begin to become reality. Continue to unleash your inborn creativity, unblocking your mind's computer - your potential genius. Do something daily that will bring you closer to accomplishing your goals - work a highly effective and efficient day.


Pat Henry understandably promotes the use of exercise, diet, massage, relaxation, visualisation, stress-management and positive thinking to live a more satisfying, stress-free life. He recommends stress-reducing foods, and suggests the avoidance of foods which tend to accelerate the aging process. A potato is alive ; a chip is dead - alive food is better! If you begin to clean up your body inside, a light bulb will begin to shine from within. Of course, over-exercise and excesses of any kind, will produce negative results - "don't let your body go into overdraft". We must not resent our neighbours, as resentment only has the effect of eating away at us for the rest of our earthly lives.


We need to change our way of thinking, and as Pat says, "do what you do when you're doing it". Employ the `law of reserved effort', remembering that the more you `try' to do something the more mistakes are made. Everything in life is there for the taking. This blueprint for achieving the most from your life ought to be introduced to children at an early age to help them reach their full potential. After all, it is the outside influences a child encounters along the way which begin to poison his or her mind.


Pat Henry has given seminars to companies such as Microsoft and Bank of Ireland, and personally coached such individuals as Bruce Springsteen, Michael Flatley, David Bowie, Dolores O'Riordan, and most recently Matthew McConnaughey. This year his work takes him throughout Ireland, the rest of Europe, USA and India. We all have an earthly purpose in our lives, and we all can have control over that life - nothing is impossible. Call Pat Henry on 01 - 6616195 or have a look at Be successful as a human being.