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2007-05 A Celtic Touch of Notes

by Noril pilpil
for the Bahrain Tribune


Bahrain has been really exposing itself to various genres of music from the eclectics of rock and roll to the conservative classical and slow musical repertoire. More and more artists were being brought to the countrys arena to offer its audience the taste of their products and last nights The Celtic Tenors Concert was not an exception.

The well known Upstairs and Downstairs Jazz restaurant has been the haven of the tenors as they disclose their musical strengths to the ears of hundred audiences. More than 10 songs were amazingly performed by 3 tenors namely: Matthew Gilsenan, James Nelson and Daryl SImpson during the first half and after the known Celtic Woman Deirdre Shannon joined them on stage of the show offering more spectacular harmonies and vocal symphonies with their musical director, David Munro, on piano.

The variety of songs sang ranging from melancholy melodies to romantic arrangements including some couple of musical pieces identified to Josh Groban You Raise Me Up and Andrea Boccelis The Prayer were definitely justified with the works of the tenors vocal power and efficiency. But also humor was not taken for granted. A couple songs were sung like Patricks McGinty Goat giving a comedic atmosphere. The diverse selection of music rendered was much more proved as they performed Im All Out of Love"? of Air Supply taking the audience to cloud 9.

Up close and personal The Celtic Tenors are like life at its best. Vibrant and dashing gentlemen spiced up with a lone woman factor, Deirdre Shanon a complete package of holistic Celtic crossover entertainment. City Tribune managed to capture the groups views on different aspects on their music.

How would you define your music?

James: To put it in general terms Celtic Crossover, Crossover because its a little bit of everything. We sing loads of classical music, Irish, pop and little bit of folk and country music. We are really trying to work well on mixing bits of everything so that both young people and old people would appreciate our music or audiences of all ages can have a taste of our music.

How are you different to other Tenor singers?

James: As I have said we play around to different genres of music. We are not putting limitations to what we sing and also whenever we delver a song we create a personal attachment to it. Because we are not just singing though our mouths but we always make sure that we sing from our soul and through our hearts.

What are your influences and inspiration in your music?

Matthew: its amazing for the three of us because we have different preferences when it comes to music. I personally all kinds of passionate music from ACDC and Metallica to Simon & Garfunkel and James love chorale music and the likes of ABBA. Daryl on the other hand is in to pop, jazz and blues. We like different sorts of things but the one thing draw us together is we have an absolutely insatiable love of opera. Thats the glue and thats steadfast

How do you keep your voices for all these years?

Daryl: We have our own different routines. The key is to understand your own body preferences and define what works best with your body in a holistic approach. It takes a lot of discipline of course.

How did music affect your life?

Matthew: Music takes over our lives. For us it has been very addictive. It can become engulfing and consuming but at the same time it has the power to transform you to either the best or worst being.

Deirdre: It has an amazing effect on my life. I was very shy and timid during my early days, music and singing has been my outlet in boosting my self confidence and my relationship to people. It really gave me the way to express my innermost self and interact and be more sociable. It has a tremendous effect in my life.

A totally exhilarating experience that would really take anyone to a different level of emotional enchantment as they pour out their whole heart and soul in every melody that would come out from their vocal organs. These are the kind of shows that Bahrain deserve to have.