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2007-03-21 Celtic Tenors soak up the sun between shows

Trio's tour to stop by the Nunn center
By Ruth Lepper


RAMONA  The Celtic Tenors, a critically acclaimed men's trio from Ireland, took time out from a busy traveling schedule before their performance in Ramona on Friday night. Following concerts in Torrance and La Mirada, they are enjoying four days off while at a beach house along the California coast.

The weather is quite a change from their homeland.

"We had just been in contact with friends and family at home, and it was basically freezing over there," singer Daryl Simpson said from Newport Beach. "It's very miserable there."

Their world tour started in January and took the singers to Florida, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and New York, then to Ohio, Idaho, New Mexico and California. They were back across the Atlantic late last month for concerts in Amsterdam before returning to the United States.

Before heading home in May, the tenors will head to Idaho and Utah and finish with a month of dates in Canada.

Simpson is joined by Matthew Gilsenan and James Nelson, and touring with them is soprano Deirdre Shannon, who recently was on PBS television's "Celtic Women." Shannon is a versatile singer who was classically trained in Ireland and has sung throughout Europe. She also was soloist with the international touring company "Lord of the Dance."

"She has become a regular guest artist with ourselves," Simpson said. "She really brings a lovely sort of simplicity to the concerts because she's got a beautiful, clear and crisp soprano voice. I personally think she's got one of the nicest Irish voices around."

Musical director David Munro also will accompany the singers on the piano.

The Celtic Tenors' most recent album, "Remember Me," is expected to reach the top 10 on the U.S. classical charts for the second time. "Remember Me" first hit the top 10 following its release last year. "It's unusual to be back in the top 10," Simpson said. "But because of the amount of touring we've done, it's helped relaunch the CD."

Season tickets are $55 for a family, $25 for an adult and $10 for students and
children. For more information, call (760) 789-7474 or (760) 788-0434. Information about the Celtic Tenors is at www.celtictenors. com.


Ruth Lepper is a freelance writer who lives in Ramona.