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2006-09-12 Love Notes

taken from The Irish Daily Mirror, September 12, 2006


Unlucky cupid Paula romanced by tenor thanks to the Mirror


Music proved to be the language of love when an unlucky matchmaker was struck by Cupid's arrow at the concert. Dating guru Paula Grant MacMahon is used to working her magic behind the scenes. But on Sunday night she became the leading lady at a sold-out performance of The Celtic Tenors.


The Drogheda businesswoman, who runs online dating site, was swept off her feet when she was treated to a surprise performance by Celtic Tenor James Nelson. The classically trained singer invited Paula on to the stage of Dublin's Gaiety Theatre where he serenaded her with an Italian love song in front of hundreds of unsuspecting spectators.


It came after Nelson had seen a plea from Paula, who is looking for love, in the Irish Daily Mirror. The big-hearted Sligo singer contacted the paper to secretly arrange the romantic gesture. Paula said: Not only was I shocked by the response from the article but I was blown away by James' performance. It has really restored my faith in romance. I'm a big fan of Tenors so I was looking forward to seeing them again. About 40 minutes into the show, a chap tapped me on the shoulder and said Paula, will you come with me? The next thing I was backstage and I heard James speaking about a matchmaker and then my legs went wobbly. I was nervous at first but then I just enjoyed the experience and James' singing was beautiful. It was the nicest thing anybody has evere done for me. The woman who ends up with a romantic chap like that will be blessed.


Although the Irish Mirror was inundated with offers to wine and dine Paula, the Celtic Tenor's gesture hit the right note. James' email said: I have to say it genuinely struck a chord with me, the ol' romantic that I am, well not that old.


Paula is obviously a brave lady and I sincerely hope she finds what she is looking for. Of course, I would not be so presumptuous as to suggest that I would be able to fill that role. She has helped so many find love through her aptly-named website and I think she deserves Cupid's arrow to strike soon. I would simply love to be able to make her feel special, to show her that not all men are b*****ds and that romance is most certainly not dead. Afterwards a lot of little old ladies came up to me and said, What you did for that girl was just lovely.


Paula's friend Caroline Fleming, who was in on the surprise, was so touched by tenor's actions she has thrown down the gauntlet to other guys. She said: All I can say is if there is any chap out who can beat that contact me, don't contact Paula.


Stephen O'Donoghue, who runs Unique Dining, Ireland's celebrity caterers, was among the amused audience. He said: It never seizes to amaze me how romantic The Celtic Tenors can be. I think it is incredibly refreshing that romance is not dead.