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2005-10-04 Celtic Tenors go back to school in Carbury

from the SligoWeekender


What was supposed to be an ordinary event, an uncle picking up his nieces and nephews from school turned into an extraordinary occasion, all of which happened by chance.


The uncle was Celtic Tenor and Sligo Weekender columnist James Nelson and his nieces are Claire, Sarah and newphew Andrew.


The Celtic Tenors were in Sligo last week promoting their new album titled "We are not Islands" and have been doing some promotional work for it. As it happens, James was picking up his nieces and nephew afterwards who are attending Carbury National School, formerly James's old school. His fellow tenors Matthew and Niall went along also.


In first class, the teacher Miss Conheady asked if the children knew who they were.


And after identifying them, the Celtic Tenors treated the class to a few songs. They sang an a capella version of the Beatles number "Here, there and everywhere". Then they went on to serenade Miss Conheady herself much to the delight of both the children and the teacher herself.


The tenors went on to sing for the remaining classes in the school and once the school bell tolled, it was time to pick up Claire, Sarah and Andrew and go home which was the original plan!