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2005-01-18 Tenors auction jackets

from the SligoWeekender


IRISH trio the Celtic Tenors are auctioning off three very special jackets to raise funds for the tsunami relief fund. Three distinctive leather jackets that the tenors wore on the cover of their platinum-selling album "So Strong" will be auctioned off via their website:


The jackets were seen by millions of people right across America in a coast- to-coast TV special shown in 2002. The tenors also wore these jackets when they sang for former US president Bill Clinton and later for the Secretary General of the UN, Kofi Annan. Indeed the jackets have been to many countries around the world, including Asia, but each will find a new home for the right price.


"I will be sad to say goodbye to mine," says Niall Morris, whose blue leather jacket is unique and was hand-made for him in Italy, "but we want to help raise funds for the victims in Thailand, a country the group visited last year."


So far, Sligo Weekender columnist James Nelson is attracting the largest bid of $250 for his jacket, but the final price of all three jackets is expected to finish much higher by the final day for bidding, January 31.


Funds raised will be donated to the Farang Jai Dee Foundation, specific to Phuket & Phi Phi Islands, Thailand.