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2003-11-06 Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung

Darlings of all mothers-in-law
Notes from the Fanblock of the Tenors


Mosbach. (lah) The Celtic Tenors build a Boygroup of a special kind and their members have similarily something of the ideal son-in-law. Therefor its no wonder, that a lot of Ladies in their best years belong to the more then 240 fans of the organized International Fanclub. Ten of them even went the longest distances to attend the concert at Mosbach. Many of the audience got first notice of the Celtic Tenors in January 2002, when their TV-Special was broadcasted.


Angelika Kunst from Bruemsen near Bremen did watch by chance the last minutes of the show and was so enthusiastic, that she wanted to see the singers live. This time she took an extra holiday to attend some of the concerts. Not only does she know by heart all the tour-dates, but has yesterday been to Frankfurt too, where the three Tenors played the sold-out Alte Oper. She likes them all the same and thinks, that Deirdre(Matthews sister) whom is playing a major role in Lord of the Dance is super too. The night after the concert Angelika Kunst spent on the Autobahn, driving directly back up to the high north. But already in a few days time she will attned some more concerts of the Celtic Tenors together with some friends.

For Irmgard Jozefiak from Wiernsheim near Pforzheim the TV-Show was also the first contact with the Tenors. She feels herself very well cared for in the International Fanclub. It had an own desk out in Mosbach too. That James, Niall and Matthew often are answering the emails of their fans and that they are Stars you can touch, and still just so normal enjoys her espacially. In her free time she is singing herself in a local Young Choir. Because of the pretty high prized tickets for Stuttgart she still is not sure, if she will go to that concert too.

In their Home Country Ireland the Tenors have reached Cult-Status already long ago. Two Ireland-Tours are, nearly obligationally , part of the yearly Standard-Program.