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2002-01-17 For every taste

from Hamburger Morgenpost
written by Marcus Stäbler


In Great Britain the Celtic Tenors are already stars: Cheering audiences at concerts and platinum for their debut album. Now the three singers from Ireland plan to take the continent with their assortment of traditional folk, classical tenor numbers and modern sounds. On january 26th Matthew Gilsenan, Niall Morris and James Nelson are having their Hamburg debut.


As James tells us the Celtic Tenors were discovered and supported by an EMI manager. He saw Niall and me at a show in Dublin. Afterwards he wanted us to go into a studio and record a cd immediately. And Niall, who, just like his fellow-tenors, already experienced a classical music career, adds: And from the beginning we had lots of fun with what we are doing.


Niall does not worry about the prospects of success: We know that the germans like irish folk and popmusic very much, for example the Corrs. But in addition we also have musical numbers and Napoli songs. There should be something for every taste.  It is important to them, that, different from the famous Three Tenors', they cultivate ensemble singing. The assignment of roles is not fixed, each one in the trio may sing the highest or the lowest voice.


Are the Celtic Tenors a mixture of Pavarotti and the King Singers, then?
No, James rejects, rather a mixture of the Three Tenors and The Pogues. Now doesn't that sound interesting?