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2004-02-17 Choose a pledge to make a difference

By Sandra Coffey for the SligoWeekender


The Conway Sisters and tenor James Nelson made a pledge last Friday to make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities in Sligo.

The Make the Difference campaign was launched last Friday in the Town Hall urging the people of Sligo to choose from 100 pledges.

Senior Sligo County and Borough Council officials joined the Conway Sisters and James Nelson by choosing their's.

"I've chosen my pledge," said James of the Celtic Tenors and columnist with the Sligo Weekender.

"Every member of the community in Sligo can make the difference in the lives of people with disabilities by choosing their own pledge and carrying it out. If everyone gets involved we will see great results."

The European Year of People with Disabilities comes to an official close at the end of March.

Mayor of Sligo, Sean MacManus said: "I am pledging to include people with disabilities in activities I am involved in. But there are things on this list which everyone can do, like pledging to never park in a disabled spot, or pledging to respect everyone's ability."

The campaign aims to build on the growing awareness of disability issues, which was witnessed during the Special Olympics World Games in Dublin last summer.

It is hoped that people all over Sligo will show their support for people with disabilities. You can make a pledge in any of the following three ways.

Online at, by post to EYPD, 25 Clyde Road, Dublin 4 or by text to 51500. Choose the number of your pledge and text PLEDGE + the number, e.g. text PLEDGE 33 to 51500 or else text the word: PLEDGE to support the campaign with an action of your own.

The list of 100 Ways to Make the Difference is available online at and in SuperValu, Centra, McDonalds and O'Brien's sandwich bar outlets nationwide.

Pledges include employing a person with a disability, putting in lifts or ramps, learn about a disability, or a simple pledge like acknowledging a person with a disability.