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UK Tour and new CD

A HUGE thank you to our friend Barb who found this information and passed it on :-)

I found this on the Internet and while it doesn't give the exact date, it does say September 2011 for the release of their new CD in Ireland and the UK, and the rest of the world in October. I believe James has also mentioned September as the scheduled month of release some time ago. This article also mentions the title and a few of the songs on the forthcoming CD. Hugs, Barb

Original Article

The Celtic Tenors to release new album in September and will tour the UK in the same month

"The finest version of `Danny Boy' I have ever heard."
(Former President Bill Clinton).

"Many things came after," he jokes. "After the Three Tenors came the Three Sopranos, then the Celtic Tenors, then the Three Finnish Basses. But it was great for everybody. I know there were many people who were purist about it, but I don't care because I have given to the purists all my life. I have the right to enjoy it." Placido Domingo

The Celtic Tenors have had world wide success and have become global phenomenon's touring consistently over the past ten years, which has seen them become Irish superstars all across the globe including United States and Canada where they now spend at least 6 months of the year as well as having huge success in Holland and the Middle East and next year they will tour China.

With a total album sales worldwide of over one million and over two million in ticket sales alone as well as a full international touring schedule, the Celtic Tenors have become the most successful classical crossover artists to emerge from Ireland. They have topped the charts in the USA, Canada, Germany, the UK and Ireland.

Their new album, Feels Like Home, is due for release in Ireland and the UK in September 2011, with the rest of the world to follow in October 2011. The album features 13 fantastic songs, all chosen by The Celtic Tenors and it focuses on The Celtic countries, Ireland, Scotland and England with a mix of contemporary and traditional song choices.

It includes the moving `Going Home', the beautiful balladry of `Feels Like Home' which was originally sung by Edwina Hayes and featured in the smash hit movie `My Sister's Keeper' to the more upbeat traditional toe tapping anthem of `Red Haired Mary' to the Irish Folk classic `She moved through the Fair, they have even recorded the beautiful Welsh lullaby `Suo Gan' in Welsh. The Celtic Tenors have effortlessly combined a selection of songs that take you on an emotionally charged journey with a thoroughly uplifting experience.

While each of The Celtic Tenors have been influenced by the musical traditions from their own individual parts of Ireland, Daryl, James and Matthew show great flexibility in melding their voices to suit the appropriate classical, folk, Irish and pop genres.

The Celtic Tenors will be touring the UK in September and their show is an experience overflowing with vitality and variety from start to finish. Daryl, James and Matthew shine with their unique voices, charm and wit and their personalities shine through alongside their undeniable Celtic charm.

Feels Like Home - Track Listings

1. Going Home 2. Red Haired Mary
3. No Frontiers
4. Galileo
5. Silent Sunlight
6. Feels Like Home 7. Better
8. She Moved Through The Fair
9. The Wild Mountainside
10. A Love Song
11. Dimming of the Day 12. Suo Gan
13. Westering Home

Tour Dates:


24 - Cornerstone Arts Centre, Didcot
25 - Theatre Royal Windsor
27 - Queens Theatre Barnstable
29 - The Brindley, Runcorn
30 - The Courtyard, Hereford


1 - Theatre Severn, Shrewsbury