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2006-10-29 A tribute for The Celtic Tenors

Here is a truly wonderful tribute to the CTs for their performance at the Sampson County Exposition Centre in Clinton, North Carolina on October 14th. The words were written by Stephen Barefoot, the man responsible for booking the lads at the venue, and were then sent on by Ray Jordan, the executive director of the venue to the NCPC (The North Carolina Presenters Consortium).


As most of you are aware our venue is located in rural Southeastern NC. I always worry about several things before our performances. (Many of you face the same worries.) Will we sell tickets? Will the performance appeal to our community? Will our audience appreciate the performance? Will our artist have a great experience while with us?


This past Saturday night The Celtic Tenors kicked-off the Seventh Season of the Sampson CenterStage Performing Arts Series. I wish each of you could have been here to experience the performance! This was undoubtedly the best performance that we have ever been privileged to host.


The moment Matthew, James and Daryl and their pianist David came on stage all of my worries faded. For the next two hours my audience was taken on a journey that they will likely never forget. For me when an artist (in this case all four) comes on stage and you can see in their faces and expressions a true passion and excitement; that they are having the time of their lives you know you will be in store for a wonderful experience. These guys made everything seem so easy, effortless and heartfelt. They wrapped their music, personal stories and spirit around each person in the audience and I know that they touched people deep within their hearts. When the beautiful guest soprano, Deidre Shannon, took stage you could have literally heard a pin drop - she had the entire audience completely entranced. As the evening progressed you could feel within the hall an excitement and energy that I haven't felt before during a performance at our venue.


I had made my way to near the main entrance when I noticed an older couple perhaps in their late 60's or early 70's. (Later found out that it was the couples 50th wedding anniversary) The Tenors were singing their song "You Raise Me Up" - as the song was nearing the end the gentleman placed his arm around his wife's shoulders and she leaned her head over and I could see her whisper something.  I will never know what was said, I can only imagine, but by the smile on both of their faces I am sure that their hearts were being touched in many ways though this wonderful experience.


After two standing ovations a line quickly formed in the lobby, The Tenors and Deirdre met and greeted almost everyone that attended the evening's performance. They signed autographs for nearly an hour and they sold a record number of cd's for any artist that we have presented.


I encourage you to see these guys in concert. I am certain that you will be touched deep in your heart as I was. When you have the opportunity, please consider giving your community and patrons the opportunity to experience the wonderful music of this exceptionally talented group. You will not be disappointed.


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