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2004-10-19 Concert review Faroe Islands


Fabulous concert with the Celtic tenors


The Celtic tenors took the faroese audience by storm with fine lyrical singing, charm and fun in a full Nordic House friday night, as the festival got of to a wonderful start.


James, Neil and Mattew performed their blend of irish, classical and modern songs, and the audience was also treated with the wonderful voice of guest vocalist Deirdre Shannon.



The Celtic Tenors and Deirdre Gilsenan

Irish song at its best


The three young Irishmen, Matthew Gilsenan, Niall Morris and James Nelson, all sing Irish folk songs, such as those made popular by the Dubliners, as well as the songs of Paul McCartney and the Beatles and Queen. But there is much more to the repertoire of the Celtic Tenors, not least Celtic music with a modern style. Matthew, Niall and James are all well trained singers who bring the famous Irish song tradition to audiences around the world. They are, quite simply, three of the finest Irish voices of the past twenty years. The pride of Ireland, they have delighted audiences across Europe and in the USA.


And now it is the turn of the Faroes to enjoy these internationally acclaimed singers in the Nordic House on Friday 6 August, with their mix of songs from Irish folk tradition, opera and musicals.

Singing with the Celtic Tenors is renowned Irish soprano Deirdre Gilsenan. She has performed for capacity audiences in some of the most prestigious concert halls around the world, from the USA and Canada to Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico.