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2003-11-06 German Newspaper

Longing for the Green Isle


The three Celtic Tenors inspired their audience at their concert in the Alte Mälzerei with a wide range of songs  Standing ovations

Take three Irish tenors in a good mood, an energetic Scottish musical director and an elf-like soprano and youve got the simple recipe for the success of the Celtic Tenors. On Sunday night the charming tenors from the green isle took the hearts of 250 people by storm with their wide range of songs including music from their celtic roots as well as classical pieces and pop- and film music.


Straight after the five member of the band had appeared on stage they were followed by three young gentlemen dressed in well-cut dark business suits. Right from the start the Celtic Tenors Matthew, Niall and James were making eye-contact with their audience and showed a stage presence full of energy. The song Spanish Lady already broke the ice and caused everyone in the room to clap along euphorically.

At first the set was dominated by Irish songs. During the all-time favourite Mull of Kintyre the three tenors managed to show a lot of feeling without making it sound kitschy. Another no less sensitive ballad called Mystic Lipstick followed. In this song Jimmy McCarthy pictures Ireland as a beautiful woman.

A great musical acoordination between the singers and the highly professional musicians could be witnessed all through the night. On the left side of the stage musical director David Munro worked on his grand piano with high precision. Therefore it was more than just that the song Caledonia was dedicated especially to the Scotsman.



While the tenors performed a very emotional a-cappella version of the song Danny Boy in both English and German the band created a pub-like atmosphere by playing some reels. According to this they earned some great applause from the audience.

Airdi Cuan was softly sung in Gaelic by guest soprano Deirdre Shannon elfishly dressed in green. The song told about the sad destiny of an emigrant and caused some pensiveness in the audience. The guitar solo by Karl Breen also created a dreamy atmosphere. Later the tenors, now dressed in white suits, took a trip to Granada Here drummer Lloyd Burne also proved his great sense of rhythm with the castagnettes.

The song Dein ist mein ganzes Herz (You are my hearts delight) was dedicated especially for the tenors fanclub. Instead of too much pathos they showed some flirtatious self-mockery which allowed them to show some new sides to this well-known piece of music.

Until now they had acted together all the time, but now Niall Morris showed his qualities as a solo singer with Caruso. Some vocal problems but not too bad otherwise  with this comment James Nelson tried to focus on his own abilities. Consequently he translated O solo mio as Oh my solo and took over the stage with his powerful voice and so much exaggeration that Niall and Matthew who were reduced to background vocals soon started to push their way back to the front of the stage with Spaghetti, Pasta und Pavarotti. The audience was very amused by this and thunders of applause followed immediately.

In his solo black-curled Matthew Gilsenan told about a man with many talents  Corkman Jack Doyle. He was a good boxer, a tenor, a casanova and first of all an alcoholic. Matthew performed this musical monument written by Jimmy McCarthy with great vocal abilities.

The final got a bit pompous. Accompanied again by Deirdre Shannon the singers presented Time to say goodbye and were rewarded with standing ovations. Finally the audience enthusiastically sang along to We are the champions which was dedicated to Freddy Mercury and todays birthday girl from the fanclub.