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2003-11-05 German Newspaper

The "Celtic Tenors" from Ireland enchanted Frankfurt audience
With charme and powerful voices
by Daniel Regel


Frankfurt. With experts they are ranked as three charismatic young men whose ability to talk, humour and extroverted way combined with pure natural charme is enchanting everyone. This is what "The Celtic Tenors" now demonstrated impressively at the "Alte Oper" in Frankfurt.


The young Irish artists Matthew Gilsenan, Niall Morris and James Nelson were flirting with the audience in a sympathic and unaffected way in the not completely sold out Concert Hall. They twinkled with their eyes and animated the audience. The listeners, most of them between 35 and 60, adoped this and joined them enthusiastically. With rhythmic clapping, standing ovations and a hilarious cheerfulness they thanked their Tenors on stage.


The good mood was going that far that Niall Morris stopped singing because of a laughter and James Nelson was presented with a coin while singing.


Since the release of their debut recording, which was released in Ireland in October 2000, the three tenors enrich the Classical Crossover market with their fresh and up-to-date sound: a mixture of traditional Folk and timeless Gaelic Songs, which could be heard in Frankfurt, too. They have arranged the songs in a way that expressiveness and the harmonical combination of their voices is always in a leading position without cutting down the performance of the five person band.


Matthew, Niall and James give the picture of a tenor a new outfit. Visible in their music is the hand of Phil Coulter, the well-known Irish musician, composer and songwriter who co-worked on some titles.


Spectacular was the run-down of the songs. Wild pieces like "Spanish Lady / Mairie's Wedding right for the start were followed by slow songs like "Mystic Lipstick" or "Danny Boy" where the classical background and the power of the voices of each artist could be spotted. Especially James Nelson stood out here by using the whole range of his impressive resonating body.


The group was reinforced on stage by Deirdre Shannon, the sister of Matthew Gilsenan. Her stage experience from working with "Lord of the Dance" as solo soprano was visible for everyone. Professional and with an excellent voice they enchanted the audience with ballads, mainly sung in Gaelic language.


Between the musical pieces the artists explained - often in German language -the meaning and the story of the songs. Their thanks to the Fans was expressed in German when they sang "Dein ist mein ganzes Herz" (You are my hearts delight).


The guests at "Alte Oper" experienced two hours of music from artists with an extraordinary range of pure talent, Irish charme and best classical training. Even after the concert at a signing session in the foyer the fans were able to come close to their idols who won the Echo Award for "Classic without borders" in 2002.