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A personal review of The Celtic Tenors

Gertraut, Austria
Let me tell you, that I love you, and I think about you all the time,...


Anybody remembering these first lines from the first song on the CD



yes? No ? Well, it is time to get thinking about it, this is such a lovely song ! And it was the first song sung by the Celtic Tenors I ever heard and, as so many of us are, I was fascinated by it. In my opinion it is a homesick-kind of song with good lyrics and beautiful music. No wonder we like it so much that it is still in their repertoire ! Of course all of us who joined the Celtic Tenors Fan Club have laid aside the very respectful title "The Celtic Tenors" for a more intimate and friendly James-Matthew-Niall, no less respectful but maybe more loving.


And as I recall hearing Spanish Lady/Maries Wedding for the first time, it still makes me laugh for it was in a TV-appearance and Matthew did sing Niall's lines and Niall was laughing about it and only later, when I heard the CD I really did find out who was to sing what! And did I admire their ability to mix these two songs !

Then came their irresistible Danny Boy, lovely, simple, and in its simplicity so effective song known by almost anybody as one of the most Irish songs. And do I like this version best !


Summer of my Dreams, James' solo, what a beautiful song ! James need not have been frightened that we would think it is Bel canto pop(I mean, even the word sounds good), it is just something lovely about some dreams, some time that has gone by, about aging and still keeping your dreams...


Jimmy Rankins' Fare Thee Well,Love, now this is something special. This song brings out their different voices in a wonderful way and the song itself is something special (and singing it, Matthew can sing a mighty as possible). There is no other wordm I love it !


And it is Matthew's solo in the Quiet Land of Erin, a very impressive and a bit saddening song, but given the fate many Irish people had, a realistic song.

Then it is Bheir mi O; I do not understand one word and I still love it for the way it is sung, especially by Matthew again, he sounds like he is sitting on a wagon, driving some horses and I do wonder if there is something in this Gaelic I misunderstood, for it says "Eriskay Lovelilt"?


The next one is In The Gloaming and it is simply beautiful. In a way a wistful, unhappy song, but very engaging. And do I admire their harmonies !


Now it is Irelands Call. Yes, in the meantime all of us know the words and we can sing along with James-Matthew-Niall, well, anyway, if we can sing !


And what comes now is really what I love most on this CD, The Last Rose of Summer. Never before have I heard it sung so beautiful as Niall does. And I still like it best if he sings it alone. I know the opera, but as far as I know this song is much older than Flotow's opera. This is a standing ovation in script, Niall !


Will You Go, Lassie,Go is next and it is sweet and lovely sung, it really underlines the way they can harmonize, but it gives you no clue to what comes next, it's

Remember me/Recuerdame and in this lovely and sad song they cannot deny their Opera-trained voices (and I am really sure they wanted to let go there!). Phil Coulter wrote it for them and it is a beautiful tune with moving lyrics. It is my guess it is sung at every concert and rightly so !


Have I mulled them all over? I think so and as I do like to have a motto for my CD-talks, why not have these first lines sung by James-Matthew-Niall on this CD "Let me tell you, that I love you" as my motto, as this is really the fitting end for this review.