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Three Ladies singing...

This is about the CD One more day, sent to me by Deirdre Shannon. I asked in Deirdres Forum if anybody knew where to get it, for I did read about it but it was nowhere to be found and then an envelope came from Ireland&

In 2007 the Celtic Divas (Gina Hanley, Deirdre Shannon and Debra Stuart) recorded an album, simply called  ONE MORE DAY.
David Munro was their Music Director and even composed Mount Wolseley for them, more about it later. And the little booklet says that he composed and crafted all the arrangements  and who could do it better than somebody who knew this voice-material so well and has such a subtle knowledge of music?
And as you all know how I came to get this silver disk after all  this IS a saga, I never before got a CD sent to me by the artist herself!  you may be interested whats on it and how it sounds. Just let me say  when it finished, I simply bowed my head in lieu of a standing ovation (you cant do that sitting cross legged before a CD player) and tried to get the better of my emotions. The whole disk sounds incredibly beautiful!

It starts with the aforesaid  song that David had written in honour of the exquisite country- and golf club Mount Wolseley in County Carlow, Ireland. It is said that the place has been a great inspiration to the Celtic Divas. Now I had never before heard a piece of music dedicated to a hotel or spa or golf club, so I went and searched for it on my computer to understand more about it and the pictures I found are so beautiful that I do not wonder anymore about its source for music. It fits simply lovely and somehow it made me think of a lake filled  with white water lilies in bloom  are there any in this vast lush green place, David?

I might have guessed about the second one, as it says they perform from best loved arias to the folk tunes of their Celtic heritage. Its Danny Boy, but a Danny Boy that does not sound like the Traditional it is. These three voices are almost making an aria out if it, it sounds much more like the beautiful crafting of the Londonderry Air by Hamilton Harty!

The third one is really from an opera, it is the Chanson Boheme from Georges Bizets opera Carmen, Act II, as Carmen, Frasquita and Mercedes encourage people to dance.  It is done in French and what suits three opera trained voices better?

The next one is simply irresistible -  Viens, Mallika  lets go and gather flowers at the river asks Lakmé and then follows the wonderful Flower Duet from the opera Lakmé by Léo Delibes  and I will never understand how these three ladies are able to follow their lines through the maze of the music and never err (and of course I pressed the repeat button)!

Deirdre and her deeply moving One more day comes next and as I have written about it last time in my rev. about the CD Deirdre Shannon, I wont go into detail again but what hurts most is the fact that again and again we hear that woman journalists have been shot for writing about the wrong in their countries so the angels still weep and we with them& It sounds as beautiful as ever but it hurts.

I wandered by a brookside, I wandered by a mill& how lovely this song sounds. It is a Trad. from England and the tune is by Barbara Berry and it tells of the fear that the loved one might not come& and here too I pressed repeat and wondered if there are forget me not flowers  growing along the bank, the lovely voices remind me of them!

Lifting our moods is the medley of Trads. that comes next. Starting with the lively Sing too-ra, loo-ra Laddy, switching to Carrickfergus, Red is the rose by yonder garden grows (I know this tune from somewhere else  are there different lyrics for it?) and one or two more and it ends again with Sing too-ra, loo-ra, Laddy and is done simply lovely. But as usual for me, I really would like to hear each of this songs whole. The Irish really find a way into your heart with their music!

Deirdre starts the next one  we all know it  the sweet song Apron of Flowers. And judging by the lyrics of this song, I would gather a big bunch of Hearts Ease and fill my apron completely with it and look for another young man that  might be more steady in his love& Sweetly sung, I could hear that too again and again!

Another gem coming along now, the beautiful  song written by Michael Balfe I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls about life in a wonderful castle with vassals and serfs and riches and suitors, but still hoping  that you loved me still the same.. Sung beautifully  that is another one for repeat, I am sure!

The next  especially beautiful aria for these three voices is the Barcarolle from The Tales of Hoffmann by Jacques Offenbach, Act II, playing  in Venice, describing a wonderful night for love  between Giulietta and her admirers, you even see the lightened gondolas gliding over the dark waters if you close your eyes& Do we do a repeat?

Then Normas kavatina Casta Diva from Vincenzo Bellinis opera Norma follows, for me one of the most beautiful Belcanto arias I know, but why do all these operas have such a dark plot? Why does she have to burn on the stake (and her  erring lover with her), sometimes it seems to me that most of these heroines and heroes do not show too much common sense& But it is sung so beautiful and its another repeat!

The next to last one is a Trad. I know it since 2002, where I heard it first sung by the Celtic Tenors  the only difference is they sing in Wild Mountain Thyme  will you go, Lassie, go and the three ladies use will you go, Laddie, go. And this is a very sweet love song, filled with yearning and the sounds and smells of summer, soooo lovely& of course, repeat!

The last one is Amazing Grace by John Newton, sung beautifully. I do not know how many versions I have heard over the years but it never fails to move me. My priorities in the lyrics have changed over the years and at the moment the line that moves me most is &Tis Grace that brought me safe thus far and Grace will lead me home. Now you know why I wrote about my bowed head at the finish of this CD.

Such a beautiful CD, thanks a lot for  making it possible for me to listen to it, dear Deirdre. Ill cherish it. And as I have lost count of the repeats, Ill just start it again, yes?

Oh, I almost forgot, a bonus song is added, this time with the Canadian Tenors, again the wonderful One More Day.  The same sentiments as listening to it sung by three ladies arise and I would wish with all my heart that this song will not be necessary any more but I wont live long enough on this earth to experience that&

Gertraut, August 2009