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A message from Deirdre

Hello Everyone,

Just thought I would let you all know that this is my last tour with the Celtic Tenors for a while anyway. Donna will be continuing on in September, adding her wonderful talent to the show. I will take a short break first and then will be involved in some exciting new projects. There is nothing posted as yet, but check my website for details to follow.

There will be a new forum launched over the next few weeks at - check it out if you dare!!

There are a few concerts remaining with The Celtic Tenors. I'll be appearing over the next several days at The Milwaukee Irish Fair and in The Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. The final night will be an emotional one for me as it marks the end of a very busy year of touring with the boys.

At this stage I must say a big 'Thank You' to The Celtic Tenors - Matthew, James and Daryl - for their invitation to join them and remain on stage with them for the past year. It has been much fun! To you, the members of the Celtic Tenors Fan Club - especially Anja, Beate, Heather and Barb. To all at the Celtic Woman Forum especially Rich and Rianne. And by no means least, my own Fan Club who have been remarkably supportive, at the helm of the administration of Jenny and Brian Fedei. Thanks all!!

Much love for now from Milwaukee Irish Fest.
Deirdre Shannon x