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Deirdre Shannon Review

Written by Kindah Mardam Bey
for Lucid Culture


Artist: Deirdre Shannon  Deirdre Shannon

Record Label: Deirdre Shannon

Format: CD

Star Rating 4 out of 5


Youd love to hate Deirdre Shannon for her beauty and stunning vocals, but its that darn pleasant look on her face that makes you not, as you just know shes a nice girl at heart. Irish beauty Shannon has already strutted her vocals in front of millions, you just probably remember her as the angelic soloist known as Erin The Goddess in Michael Flatleys mammoth hit show Lord Of The Dance, or perhaps you recognize Shannon from the group Celtic Women.

Whatever way you may recognize Deirdre Shannon from, it is her self-titled debut collection that will imprint her talent, name and charisma, into your musical memory log book. Finally this songstress has stepped into the spotlight and added her elegant and ethereal tone to traditional songs like I Know My Love, Ardaigh Cuain, Apron Of Flowers, and a truly crisp and evocative version of She Moved Through The Fair, which shows off Shannons strength as a vocal performer all on her own.

Mind you she has more diverse songs like One More Day from the film Veronica Guerin which is about an Irish journalist who is assassinated by drug dealers for her coverage of their crimes, that shows another strength to Shannon. More than traditional folk songs as we now call them, Shannon spreads her wings with the Rod Stewart cult favourite I Dont Want To Talk About It. Deirdre Shannon also makes a lyrical excursion into a nursery rhyme by Christina Rossett in New Born, but just beforehand she and Matthew Gilsenan (The Celtic Tenors) tackle the difficult to sing popera classic The Prayer.

This is a solid debut album which should garner much acclaim. All the songs have beautiful orchestrations or classic Celtic instruments, like whistles and wire harps, which only lends itself to Deirdre Shannons pure and crisp vocals. I suspect Shannon is enchanting in concert (she is touring with The Celtic Tenors this 2007), and I wouldnt be surprised if she did a stint on Broadway at some point in her career, as her voice has the strength to reach the back row but the softness to hold an audience in the palm of her hand.

I Know My Love
One More Day
Fond Kiss
Gathering Mushrooms
She Moved Through The Fair
Dormi Jesu
Danny Boy
Apron Of Flowers
Lord Over You
Dont Want To Talk About It
The Prayer (w/ Matthew Gilsenan)
New Born



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