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Review of Deidre's CD Evening Clouds

by Gertraut


"Is this a lasting treasure or just a moment's pleasure?"


This is the fifth line from the first song on the CD Evening clouds and this CD is Deidre's first. A while ago I managed to get it via the Celtic Tenors Fan Club, listening to it now and again, always under the spell of this utterly beautiful voice . Sometimes her voice seems even to float on a tune - Anyway, let's review the little silver disk (I honestly hate that word, but the English language seems to have no better one for it and write up doesn't seem to fit either):


It starts with Will you love me tomorrow, a very wistful tune and she does it lovely. And this song ends with the line: Will you still love me tomorrow? And this, I think, has already been answered by us and many other people.


Airdi Cuan follows in Gaelic (sung by her brother on the first CD The Celtic Tenors in English) and so, understanding the lyrics, I can follow this home-sick song and for the life of me, I can't decide if I like it better sung by her or Matthew  so I alternate between the two.


The next one is Pure Imagination and it makes you long for a time - a short break-away from the real world to the wonderful world of imagination. Wanna be a dreamer ? Be one is a line in the lyrics; o.k. I'll follow suit, Deidre!


My beloved Handel comes next. It's Lascia Chio Pianga, Almirena's lament as she is a captive and asks for freedom. The Opera Rinaldo was written by Handel in London 1710 and little will he have thought that this beautiful lady will sing it (as many before her) in 2000 something! And many more will do so, because it is a haunting tune.


Next comes Nella Fantasia, the wonderful tune by Ennio Morricone with the lovely lyrics and since the sound-check I attended in Munich it makes me smile every time I hear it, for Deidre was walking up and down the aisle in St. Lucas-Church while rehearsing it, giving the whole thing a kind of Doppler effect and giving me a smile every time she went by.


My absolute favourite comes next, The Gartan Mother's Lullaby, is it the Irish lilt, is it the simple, lovely tune, the loving lyrics from a mother to her child or the lovely way Deirdre sings it, I always punch repeat to hear it once more.


Wee Hughie follows, it's always making me a little sad, for I too had to let go a couple of children and this is never easy. Of course you know you have to in their own interest, but sometimes it makes you weep for the little ones you had to let go so soon! Beautiful!


Handel again, this time it's Ombra Mai, Xerxes longing for Romilda. This opera (Xerxes) was written in 1738 and this Largo will never go out of fashion. Scores of singers did sing it, more will and it will always be lovely. I like Deidre's way of singing it!


Something lovely follows My Lagan Love, a beautiful air and it is exactly what I mean with the floating voice. The sleeve-note says it is an old traditional. For me it has a kind of haunting quality!


And the last track is called How Insensitive and that is exactly how it felt to me. It somehow jolted me out of the spell and even Deidre's voice sound a little different. Maybe it has to, given the lyrics (the end of a love), but it is not my favourite. It might be meant to show how different she can do it.


10 tracks; CD finished. What was the original question ? Ah yes, I'll say

This I S a lasting pleasure, dear Deidre!


Gertraut Seib, Vienna, February 2nd, 2006