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2006-09- Niall in ''Powder her Face''

On September, 18 Niall performed in "Powder her Face" in Bremen.
Here are some short press reviews


Simon Neubauer for Weser-News
... "The story is based on the true (and not unusual) story of Margaret Sweeny, a well-known beauty who was promoted "Duchess of Argyll" by marriage and lived her life frivolous and luxurious until she ended up being thrown out of the hotel completely indebted. The opera reveals her smuggy and slightly social critic slovenly life in eight scenes not missing out piquancy, servant-palaver, infidelity, sexuality and mockery of the "aristocratic" gentlemen rider as well as the bigoted folks. Highlight after several seduction scenes is the demolition sentence of the smuggy judge and the rigorous ejection of the poor duchess by a unpitying hotel manager.


In those scenes, first of all the heartwarming farewell-aria of the lady, the music grabs you with its heartbreaking sound and singing, fulfilled with sympathy, after it could not get enough of cranky, funny, cheeky punchlines and eskapades in the previous scenes. The language, always caricatures and jeering, using todays vocabulary and influcences from Gershwin to Peter Maxwell Davies - putting them together to a perfectly made up production... Conducter Stefan Solyom pleasing the composers ideas with his hard work, got control of the performers and even more of the ensemble of the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie. The musicians, intense and wide awake for their work, set marks in sound and rhythmicity. Susanne Gauchel, actual assistant director at Bremen Theater (she left an exquisite impression with her work for Mozarts "Bastien and Bastienne" at Concordia Theatre) included a piece of piquancy to the opera giving the impression of a parody of the "Very-British-Style". It's not easy for the singers as their sections are enmeshed to the orchestral occures. But Takesha Mesha Kizart as The Duchess could curr alluringly but also sing touching cantilena. The other cast members had to fill in several roles. Valdine Anderson, a brilliant soprano singing coquettish laughing coloraturas proved her qualities transforming from "knowing" Maid to pietistic rubbernecker, Niall Morris left a good impression both as Electrician and shrewd waiter and Graeme Broadbent convinced with rooted correctness as rocking-horse riding debauchee and hotel manager."


Ute Schalz-Laurenze for taz Nord 21.9.2006, published in parts of newspaper only
..."The frumpy subject about the downfall and the end of a former socially respected "Duchess" who turned into a nymphomaniac after an accident and ended up not being able to pay her hotel bills does - if at all - only show up in a completely finished production which sharpens the comical and tragical deails. Nevertheless the leading actor Takesha Mesha Kizart managed - with her great muscial and acting talents - to rope us into the destiny which was accompanied by the English Yellow Press in some nasty way. The same goes for the highly talented acting of Niall Morris, the powerful voice of baritone Graeme Broadbent and the funny soprano Valdine Anderson. The music by the well-prepared Kammerphilharmonie was as groovy as it was meant to be and showed a rich facette of instrumental comedy and tragical levels. But: this is as less today's music as the parlour music performance of Lera Auerbauch, both concerts acknowledged the abscence of todays music at the Musikfest. "