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more about Niall


Name: Niall Morris

Birthday: 26.8.----


Hometown / province: Dublin

Brother / Sister: one sister: Sinéad

Job development / Career: read his introduction text

Your Motto: "Respect for others at all times"

Your Ideal: Living in the sunshine (Spain)

Favourite Music /Song: Singing by Maria Callas

Favourite Food: non - carbohydrates!

Favourite Drink: whiskey (no water) *joking*

Favourite Book: An Open Heart - The Dalai Lama

Favourite Colour: Blue

Favourite Country / Place: Spain

Your Hobbies: Reading, working out

What do you really hate: Nothing! (Heights!!)

Where do you want to go but you can't go there? Mount Everest

Your biggest wish or dream: Will we ever have world peace?

What is important for life? Air - Food - Whiskey

Please describe yourself in a few words:
Very annoying - always right - never wrong!

Does Niall have an own homepage? Yes, please visit:  

Your message to the world: Learn to live together in harmony