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more about Daryl


Name: Daryl Jon Simpson

Birthday: 01 07 7?

Private questions:

Hometown / province: Omagh, Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Brother / Sister: One sister

Job development / Career: Singer / Opera Singer

Your Motto: Live each day!!

Your Ideal: A house on the beach

Favourite Music / Song: U2, most operas, jazz/blues, traditional music

Favourite Food: Steak

Favourite Drink: Diet Coke

Favourite Book: To kill a Mocking Bird!!!

Favourite Colour: Navy

Favourite Country / Place: North Antrim Coast on a sunny day

Your Hobbies: Playing Piano and have music sessions with friends

What do you really hate? Smoking

Where do you want to go but you can't go there? Sydney

What do you want to do but can't do? Astronaut

Your biggest wish or dream: To see Ireland win the Rugby World Cup

What is important for life? Balance in all things

How many languages do you speak and which? English, German, a bit of French and Italian

Which job would you do when you wouldn't be a tenor / musician? Rugby Player

Where would you go on holiday? Bahamas

Please describe yourself in a few words: Lazy when given the opportunity!!! But works hard

Musical questions:

Do you play any music instrument? If yes, which one? Piano, Guitar, I used to play others but dont have the time or the interest

Do you write songs / compose? Yes when I get time

How much do you practise? 5-6 hours a day this past few years

Where would you like to sing? The Proms

Which song would you like to sing? A song that I would never grow bored with!

When did you decide to sing for a living? Dont really know, probably when I left Queen's University and couldnt think of anything else to do.

What was your first professional singing job? Mozart Vespers - not much to sing but I loved every minute of it.

Your message to the world: Get on with it