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2005-08 The Morning after

written for the Celtic News
the printed Celtic Tenors Newsletter


It has just dawned on me that all these new classical crossover acts which have emerged over the past ten years or so have actually begun a trend, something new in music that hasn't been seen since perhaps the dawn of rock and roll and pop music.


For years now we have been struggling for access to the wider concert going public with our group the celtic tenors. The reasons were not fully understood but we knew firstly, that it had something to do with not being categorisable in the record store, it's not mainstream pop or garage or speed metal or world music or classical, the closest category would be easy listening which is so broad that the section in the record store is just growing out of control.


It was also felt it was related to the fact that people who are used to attending concerts are going to be difficult to cajole into going in their numbers to a classicalish show, not fully classical or not fully popular but something, and not just easy listening . So again it's a problem with labeling.


We were also pretty convinced that there were just too many classical acts out there and we sorta wished they would just go away. We needed more room, we needed to stand alone on the playing field of this classical crossover phenomna.

How wrong could we have been. I think our manager Pat may have sensed this somehow and that's why he stuck with us. The reality seems to be that what we do has a particular appeal. We kind've already knew that. The error in our thought process was that we wanted to be alone. All the other successful similar groups stimulate that same enjoyment centre [as us]. Maybe we just need a critical mass of this type of group or artist to make a movement which will finally create a new stand alone category. What will it be called? Natural Classical, classical offshoot, style fusion, or the dreaded classical crossover.


Last night we performed at a concert for SOS orphans of the tsunami in the Albert Hall. There were at least ten different new "classicalish" groups on the bill. The show sold out quickly and there were nearly 6000 people there. They enjoyed the show giving many standing ovations and massive cheers.


At this point I realized that we are witnessing and are a part of a new wave in music making, and what does a new movement require? You said it, lots of acts doing something similar. The more there are the more secured this type of music and art will become in the future. A New Musical movement, spawning new music so that it's now no longer regurgitated classics like the flower duet and nessun dorma, it's a dam and flood gate that's filling steadily and will soon start generating Mega watts.


So roll on G4, Amici Forever, Il Divo, The Opera Babes 'cause The Celtic Tenors are a part of the starting team. AND WE'RE HERE FOR A WHILE.