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Congratulations to Matthew and his family

Grace Alice Gilsenan was born on October, 3.
read what "uncle James" says


Even though I know you all by now know.......
I got a call last night at about 9pm to tell me that Celestine had given birth to a little girl - Grace Alice - who was a fairly heavy (I know that's rich coming from me!!) 9 lbs and 4 oz - not sure how many kilos that is, under 3 I think?
Matthew was away for Sean's birth, on tour in Germany, as we know, so it must have been incredible for him to actually witness this one..... I am sure his life will never be the same again.


I am in Dublin, stayed overnight, and hence am not on my home computer, but thought I should just send a wee email to tell you the glad tidings.
I will be visiting Celestine and Grace later today, and will give them your best wishes!
Uncle James x