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more about Matthew


Name: Matthew Eamon Gilsenan

Birthday: 02.02.1973


Longhan, Kells, Co. Meath, Ireland

2 Bro's, 2 Sis's, all younger

Job development / Career:
Engineer, Farmer (Past Life)


Your Motto:
You can't enjoy up's without some down's

Your Ideal:

Favourite Music / Song:
Leonard Cohen, Tom Petty, Queen, ...

Favourite Food:

Favourite Drink:

Favourite Book:
Zen and Art of Motorcycle Maintenance (M.Pirsig)

Favourite Colour:

Favourite Country / Place:
Kerry (South Ireland) / Maybe Newgrange in Co. Meath

Your Hobbies:
Watersports (when I get the chance), Reading, Keeping fit

What do you really hate?
When you are walking behind a group of people in an Airport and they get on to the "Travelator" and they stop walking, even though its only moving at 0.00km/h.

Where do you want to go but you can't?
I want to go to another earthlike planet in another galaxy. I would love to travel back in time to the turn of the 20th century. (so many people I want to meet)

Your biggest wish or dream:
To have a big, happy, healthy family

What is important for life?
Kindness to others

Please describe yourself in a few words:
Lazy, a control freak, viwierd sense of humour, untidy, happy, interested in the world around me and all teh people in it.

How many languages do you speak? And which?
English, Irish, a little French, a little Spanish, and am learning German

Do you celebrate birthday, Saint's day or both?
I'm not much of a birthday celebrator, we all celebrate St. Patrick's Day the 17th march.

What's the earliest thing in your life you can remember?
1st day at school

Which job would you do when you wouldn't be a tenors/musician? And why?
I am an engineer but I now have a real love for the arts

Have you ever worn a Kilt? Do you like Kilts?
No never wore one, I don't mind them I suppose

In which film would you like to act? And why?
Any film that Michelle Pfeiffer is in, because she's in it.

Which part would you play in "Tristan and Isolde" or / and different irish / celtic myth? And why?
Tristan, I suppose. I fell in love with an irish princess

A friend of yours invites you to his birthday party, but you've to do a concert with the Celtic Tenors. What would you do?
The one thing with being one of the Celtics is that you cannot miss a concert, so I'd make my apologies and maybe go along after the show.

You're on holiday. A fan (maybe from the Fan Club) welcomes you. What would you do?
Talk to them of course

A friend of yours invited you to the cinema, but you don't like the film. What would you do?
go to the film it's an hour and a half of my life. If it makes my friend happy.

You forgot your birthday. What would you do?
I always forget my birthday. bEcause I forgot it I am none the wiser

You forgot the birthday of someone you love (e.g. wife, best friend, girl friend, the other Celtic Tenors...) What would you do?
I try to have friends and partner remind me of the most important ones.

In the middle of the night you telephone or mobile phone is ringing. What would you do?
Answer it. I would hate to be calling someone in a moment of disaster or need and not be answered.

One friend gave you a ticket for a music concert, but you don't like the music of the band. What would you do?
Give the ticket to someone who does.

Which passages are difficult for you to sing? And why?
Passages with lots and lots of A flats. The reason is that this is where the passaggio lies for my voice

How many octaves can you sing?
Three full octaves, so I can touch five octaves

Do you prefer singing songs in major or in minor?
Depends on my mood but it doesn't really matter major or minor. Probably better not sing too many in the minor key as that would possibly be a bit drepressing

Do you play any music instruments? If yes, which one?
guitar, whistle a bit, I used to play the accordion, and I am simply not great at piano although I can make my way around one.

Do you write songs?

How many hours per day do you practise singing? And what (technique...)?
When on tour not so much. But at home a couple of hours whenever I get a chance

Where would you like to sing (Chinese wall, Sternenzelt, Irish festival...)? And why?
Metrapolitan opera, La Scala, Slane Castle and every concert hall in Germany

Where do you prefer to sing (while having a shower...)?
I sing all the time so anywhere is good. I just have to be careful I don't annoy too many people.

Which song would you like t sing? And why?
I would like to sing some operatic arias in our show

When have you decided to make a muscal career? And why?
That's in the literature I think

What was the first song you ever sang "professional"?
Tenor solo in Handel's Messiah, 1990 Mount Argus, Dublin

Your message to the world:
Its best to have good intentions, be kind