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2007-12-01 KENYA BUILD 2008


Well, my second trip to Kenya was even more special than the first.

This time I was not part of a team. I was on my own. It was a daunting prospect, which turned out to be an incredible and once again emotional experience.

It was wonderful to see Cheryl's girls enjoying their new accomodation and washing facilities, which we had built for them in June of this year. And also to see the boys with hope in their eyes, knowing that their turn comes in the New Year. Already, the foundations have been laid for the building work in June 2008.

I reluctantly revisited Kibera, and this time spent time with families in their beyond basic conditions. The sights and smells of Kibera were as horrific as I had remembered. Countless homeless orphans still begged for our attention as we walked by.

At Cheryl's, I interviewed some of the children and hung on their every word as they told me of their horrific and varied pasts. I spent the evening hours making music and singing with the children. We went on daytrips to Nature Reserves, where the children saw wild animals for the first time in their lives. We planned a fund-raising concert to be held in Nairobi in 2008, involving me and some of Cheryl's children.

Cheryl's Children's Home gets no government funding whatsoever and thus remains in debt (it is a constant struggle for them to pay food-bills), but there is, without a doubt, increasing hope, and light at the end of what was a very dark tunnel for these orphans of Kibera. Samuel Sambuli, Phemines, Mary, "Uncle Ken" and all the Cheryl staff continue to do an incredible job. All of the children at Cheryl's now have a real chance at life, where before they had no hope at all.

Since our first building trip to Dagoretti, near the horrendous Kibera Slum, in Nairobi, several generous-hearted people have come forward and offered themselves as sponsor-parents for some of Cheryls Children". Needless to say, sponsor parents are still needed.

May I re-iterate my heartfelt and sincere thanks to EVERYONE, young and old, who gave so generously to make my first ever trip to Africa a life-changing experience.

I would, in particular, like to thank two generous girls with enormous hearts, who recently raised a huge amount of money at their birthday party in Sligo, which recently funded a daytrip for 48 very grateful orphans, as well as buying essential building materials. Emily Jane and Holly Amber, I remain overwhelmed.......

The 2008 building team will also be furthering ongoing work at St Paul's Children's Care Centre in nearby Karen (Nairobi), another project started and funded by Basil Love's incredible humanitarian work just a few years ago. I visited St Pauls in November, and saw a two-week-old baby girl who had been found in a paper bag at two days old. The Centre had aptly named the little girl - Hope!

And here is the bit which I always find hard to do&& if anyone feels like helping out with funding the June building trip, I would of course be most grateful (and so would the children!), and just rest assured that every cent is used wisely. This is an ongoing and most worthy project, and in this project there is no middle-man.
The bank details, for those interested, are below.

Thank you all SINCERELY!

James x

Account Details :
Kenya Build c/o James Nelson,
Bank of Ireland,
County Wicklow.
Account Number : 56967923
Sort Code : 90-65-07
IBAN Number- IE72BOFI90650756967923
Bic/Swift number- BOFIIE2D

Thank you!

On January 18th 2008, at the Hawk's Well Theatre in Sligo, the Celtic Tenors will give an acoustic concert in aid of the above worthy charity. James is HUGELY grateful to his colleagues for giving their services free for this great cause.