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Kenya build - James to return from Africa

Firstly, let me say a heartfelt and sincere "Thank you" to EVERYONE, young and old, who gave so generously to make my first ever humanitarian trip to Africa a life-changing experience.

I hate to single anyone out but I would really like to draw attention, without upsetting anyone I hope, to the particular generosity of the people of Dundalk at the Celtic Tenors concert in May.


It is truly impossible to describe in words the impact this trip has had on me. I knew it would be tough. I knew I would cry, many times. I knew the children's faces would break my heart and win me over. And now, I know I will go back. Every year if possible.


The building project at Cheryl's Children's Home was a success, and is an ongoing project. The orphanage is still in serious debt, but there is, without a doubt, hope. Samuel Sambuli and his staff are doing an incredible job against all the odds, and all of the children at Cheryl's now have a real chance at life, where before they had no hope at all.


Walking through Kibera with an armed guard was without a doubt the most disturbing part of my time in Kenya. I had simply never seen people living in such horrific conditions... almost 2 million people live in Kibera. The sights, smells and sounds from that day still haunt me. Little orphans beg for your attention everywhere.


I am still angry at the world, angry at the ever-widening divide between the rich and poor. And I am angry that in the year 2007 millions of people are living in such horrendous circumstances, and most of the world don't even know.

I will definitely return to Kenya, hopefully this year, but definitely next year.

As this is an ongoing project, and the orphanage continually struggle to pay food bills, I am leaving my Kenyan account open for anyone who may still want to contribute... Every cent is used wisely.


Finally thanks to Aaron, Bobby, Brian, Caroline, Christy, Martina, Michael, Padraig, Val, David our driver, Samuel Sambuli, Feminis, Mary, and most of all Basil Love for making my trip to Kenya a memorable and humbling experience on so many levels.


Thank you all SINCERELY!

James x


Account Details :
Kenya Build c/o James Nelson,
Bank of Ireland,
County Wicklow.
Account Number : 56967923
Sort Code : 90-65-07
IBAN Number- IE72BOFI90650756967923
Bic/Swift number- BOFIIE2D


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Link to Cheryl's Children's Home