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more about James

Name: James Drummond Nelson

Birthday: 09.09.----

Private questions:

Hometown / province: Sligo, Ireland

Brother / Sister: one sister, 2 brothers

Job development / Career: Singer / Opera singer / Celtic Tenors! (Previously teacher and organist)

Your Motto: Live every day as your last. Be nice to people

Your Ideal: To be happy, to love and be loved

Favourite Music / Song: Mozart, Puccini, Verdi, Bach, ABBA, Queen, Beatles etc.

Favourite Food: Creme Brulee!! Anything fatting. Fresh bread and cheese

Favourite Drink: Johannesbeernecktar!! Water. Most fruit juices. Port.

Favourite Book: My Colouring Book! Or Poetry. Also Atlases.

Favourite Colour: Green

Favourite Country / Place: Many favourites! Tuscany (Italy), Russia, Israel, Germany, Ireland

Your Hobbies: Playing Piano, Writing, Walking, Swimming, Socialising in smoke-free environments!

What do you really hate? Smoking, being patronised by others!

Where do you want to go but you can't go there? / What do you want to do but can't do?
To Fly! To see the after-life.

Your biggest wish or dream: A world of peace and safe living

What is important for life? Oxygen I think and maybe some water too?

How many languages do you speak and which?
Irish and English! I've a degree in French, bits of German and Italian! Tiny bits of several other languages.

Which job would you do when you wouldn't be a tenor / musician? A Vet!

Where would you go on holiday? New Zealand maybe?

Please describe yourself in a few words: I think I am really quite nice sometimes!

Musical questions:

Do you play any music instrument? If yes, which one? Piano and Organ

Do you write songs / compose? yes. all the time

How much do you practise?
2 or 3 small segments of technique every day and then after that it depends on the day really. Anything from one to five hours.

Where would you like to sing?
Carnegie Hall, just cos it's the place to sing. The "MET", La Scala, The list is endless!

Which song would you like to sing?
A song for world peace that would actually bring about world peace!

When did you decide to sing for a living?
When I was at a sining summer school in England and a teacher there told me "I had what it takes"!


What was your first professional singing job?
The role of the lamplienter in Puccinis' "Manon Lescaut" was my first real paid job!

Does James have an own homepage?
Yes, please visit:

Your message to the world:
War and terrorism achieves nothing. Live together in harmony. Be nice to each other.