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An untimely Christmas-Medley for comfort...

Being so weighted down with health-troubles in my family at the moment I used a little free time to go to You Tube again and there it was, a Christmas Medley at Easter Time, put there by Matthew. And I started it and then I listened to the Red Headed Girl, then the medley again, then The Homecoming Part 2 and the medley again... and so on.
Have some healing qualities, your You Tube Videos, Matt, I must say that! Only thing - I could find no way to leave you a comment of thanks there, so I put it in here, by now all of you must be used to my popping up now and again! Whoever likes to listen to short-cut Christmas carols or needs them as I do at the moment, go there and listen in!
Love, Gertraut

John Donne: No man is an island...zit=]


Von Traude am 9.4.2010 20:12:38 [4687 Hits] Member

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