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The Jerusalem Passion

Looking through the last fotos on 'Pics. by James, Part II' I came across the last one with the little legend under it about singing the 'Jerusalem Passion'. Now I really wanted to find out a bit more about it and when hunting through the web, I found an article 'Jerusalem's coming to our green and pleasant land' in the Independent,, and I found some (actually rather a lot of pics) at Killiney Church in Dublin, but after looking through them all, I only identified Jame's right ear and part of his chest on the - I think - next to last picture... but it must have been a huge success, and then I looked up Murray Wylie and Vision One in Australia and found out even more about this oratorio, but when I looked for the CD and the postage from there I gave up, it would have been quite a big amount. Maybe sometime we will get it over here too, I would really love to hear it! But at least I know now what it is about and can understand why James wanted to sing it again...

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Von Traude am 20.8.2009 17:51:15 [5202 Hits] Member

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