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Forum 02 CDs & Songs

Re: Feels like Home

There is a promotion video on YouTube

Von Inga am 31.8.2011 19:48:04 [3088 Hits] Member

Re: Feels like Home

You can get it at now!!
I put a short rev. in German there, as it is an absolutely beautiful CD and in there are a few lovely revs already!


John Donne: No man is an island...zit=][/zit]

Von Traude am 23.10.2011 17:29:33 [199 Hits] Member

Re: Re:Feels like Home

A handfull of gems...
Our CTs have their new CD on the market. It is simply an absolutely beautiful disk, starting with 'Going Home' from the film 'Gods and Generals' and it shows already what lovely harmonies these three voices can weave!
And they would not be Irish, if there would not follow the slightly uptempo 'Red Haired Mary' and what I love so much, you understand every word! The real good training as opera singers pays...
'No frontiers', written by Jimmy MacCarthy is next, I love this songwriter and his music and the way they interpret him...
'Galileo' follows, written by Declan O'Rourke, a love of a song, and sung as a solo by Matthew whose voice fits it entirely!
And the next one, written by a songwriter we all loved under his name Cat Stevens - now being Yusuf Yslam - is called 'Silent Sunlight', another gem!
Then follows 'Feels like home', it has given the CD the name and I waited for this song very much. I am not really a Randy Newman Fan, but this is so beautiful and I love their way of singing it!
The next one is Daryl's solo, 'Better', I did not know it before but I like it.
Then follows the well known 'She moved through the fair', sung a cappella in a haunting way by the tenors and I do get goose bumps when I listen to it and with this Irish song I am never sure if the girl they sing about lives or is dead...
Then James solo follows, absolutely lovely, it is called 'The Wild Mountainside', a 'Homecoming Song'. His voice fits it so beautiful and I love the way he sings it. Could be my next favourite...
Oliver Cole's song 'I know that you care' follows, I did not know it before and do not know whether I really like it. Guess have to listen to it more...
And something special follows - 'Dimming of the day', it is sung so beautiful and it breaks my heart, for how many of us - including me - have to accompany a loved old one into the night...
The next song I did not understand at all until I remembered that it would be a lullaby from Wales and is not sung in English, it is called 'Suo Gan' and it comforts after Dimming of the Day, for it is sung for a new young life, whereas the song before slowly says good bye to an old one... I heard this song already by the 'Wiener Sängerknaben', but I like it better sung by the tenors...
The last one already - the Celtic Folk Song 'Westering Home', I have known it for many years and love it. The Omagh Choir accompanies the tenors there, what a lovely ending to the CD!
Well, in short - years ago I wrote about the CTs that their way of presenting music is for me like
a pair of hands that slowly open wider and wider and you find more and more precious stones in them - and this time, well, there are a couple of gems come to light!

John Donne: No man is an island...zit=][/zit]

Von Traude am 7.11.2011 8:49:27 [4075 Hits] Member

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