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Forum 14 Deirde Shannon

Re: New Album ANAM EOL

Deirdre is about to release her new album

Von Inga am 20.3.2011 9:17:33 [3371 Hits] Member

Re: New Album ANAM EOL

Giving it another try, I started this rev. in the morning and wrote for an hour, then went to 'submit' and the whole thing was gone....
So I'll try again:
Anamcéol - music for the soul, that's the English title for the new album by Deirdre.
An artist who sends you a signed CD, I don't think many do that! But Deirdre does and if I should describe it I would just say it is a string of finely wrought silver beads on a fine Celtic thread.
She starts with the absolutely lovely Karine Polwart song (a Scottish Songwriter, born 1971) 'Follow The Heron', telling about the wonderful things spring brings and does for our souls and it is done simply enchanting.
It is followed by 'John O'Dreams' (written by Bill Caddik), who sends people to sleep (or death). So when night comes, he sends them dreams and he is the boatman to cross over; a lively melody and nothing to be frightened of...
Then comes 'The Maid of Culmore' (this is a Trad. about Culmore, being about two miles from Derry in Northern Ireland, a departure point for emigrants). A sad little song, full of longing for a loved one and friends that have to be left...
'Blue Eyed Nancy' is next, also a Trad., a sweet longing song for a girl and people tell the young man she is no good and would ruin him... When has a warning of this kind ever worked? What a lovely song!
Following this is 'The Gartan's Mother's Lullaby', a song I love since I got Deirdre's CD 'Evening Clouds' and it has a haunting quality, telling about fairies and banshees and ghosts and it was first published in 1904 and is an old Irish song & poem, written by Herbert Hughes. How lovely Deirdre's voice fits this tune!
Do you know the old story 'The Children of Lir'? About this is the next Trad. 'Silent, O Moyle', a song with lyrics by Thomas Moore. The poem is about Fionnuala, the daughter of the King of Lir and the time when she and her brothers wander as swans the shores of Ireland for hundreds of years and wait to be rescued to their human form by Christianity. And only then they are allowed to die... There is an absolutely beautiful monument in the Gardens of Remembrance in Dublin of them and now in my mind it will be forever interwoven with this lovely song!
A Gaelic song is next, 'Siobhan Ni Dhumbhir', a young man wants to marry her, but she does not want him, for he wants her with a dowry and she has none... a little bittersweet song, a Trad. as well, sung so beautiful as they all sound when Deirdre does them...
'Down by the Sally Gardens' follows, a Trad. too, the poem by William Butler Yeats was published in 1889 after s song he heard from a peasant woman in Sligo, telling about a young impatient lover who meets the girl by a willow tree and does not want to wait... Lovely done and a little sad.
'The Lass of Glenshee' follows, another Trad. telling about a wise little lass who spurns the offer of a castle and rather wants to live in a cottage and be loved and this love goes on for seven years. A beautiful song!
A lovely and very sad song follows, 'Crucan Na bPaiste', a Trad. written by Brendan Graham, telling about a Burial Place of the Children in County Mayo and although in Gaelic listening to it you feel the heartache and sorrow of the parents who lost their child and do not want to go on living alone. It hurts.
Now follows the last song, the well known and very loved contemporary 'Song for Ireland' by the Scottish born singer/songwriter Phil Colclough; so full of longing and love for Ireland and Deirdre's voice is like a silvery shower of notes... how I love that song!
Well, do I have a favourite? I don't think so, it is really a string of lovely silver pearls for us to keep...

John Donne: No man is an island...zit=][/zit]

Von Traude am 10.11.2011 10:32:31 [5524 Hits] Member

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