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Four coloured folders in a row...

Want to know what that means?
Well, two are green (the English reviews, blogs, interviews, columns, news, etc), counting from 1 to 150 and 151 to 300 and two are orange (the into German translated counterparts to it), containing quite a couple more of pages. German is the longer winded language it seems. And why mention them? Because it is No. 300, the shortest James' Blog ever, that I translated today! This altogether counts for approximately 550 to 600 pages. Would you believe that? The items ranging from 1/2 page up to 5 pages each and there are some more to be added having been translated by Anja and Beate. So much information on the Tenors (and Niall, Deirdre and Donna and their musicians), their tours and what they do and sing and record and some bits of information about their lives has come our way since the middle of 2006 (my beginning of translating for our website). I wonder if somebody bothered to count what was written before,back to the start of the site in 2003, it would be interesting to know the whole amount!
Well and then I needed a system to file all this in my computer; first I did it by titles, but this didn't work. So I just numbered each translation. And this works fine. This way I could go on indefinitely. And this is what we want it seems: Reading along in times to come about the Celtic Tenors' activity and letting them know we care for them very much. Not just because of their beautiful singing but equally for their friendly personalities! Learning the dates of the concerts and read the lovely reviews from the fans who managed to see these; getting to see pictures from the tours ever so often; getting to know links where to find other information about them in the web and... and... and...
Now how shall we celebrate? I could wind a laurel wreath in our minds around the No. 300, so that there might be a leaf for everyone to pluck (and put it in his or her memory to cherish) who wrote for our site and made it alive this way, for that's what your blogs, revs, stories, links and pictures do! O.K., there it is, all around the No. 300, see it in your mind's eye?
And what now? Tell you what, I'll just start two new folders, one green and one orange (anyone voting for other colours? Just let me know!) and proudly put down the No. 301 with the first blog (will James win?) or concert review (I wonder who will win there?) And then I'll start translating for us once more and pipe up again when I reach the No. 600!
So it is Easter Sunday today, a good day to start anew, do write a lot (and if you think a rev. in English might be a bit difficult, why, write it in German and I translate it the other way round),

John Donne: No man is an island...zit=][/zit]

Von Traude am 12.4.2009 9:15:26 [5651 Hits] Member

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