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Forum 01 - The Celtic Tenors

Latest postcard, added April, 18 2011

Hello everyone,

ah well... this one took a while to get here as it's one sent from Florida I fear you won't be able to read most of the messages as it was difficult to scan - the pen was a bit "light"... so just in case this is what the guys wrote:

"Hi Everyone! Nice to get a splash of sunshine in March - even an ocean swim! Lovely to have seen some of you along the way and some of you soon. Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig agaibh go leit. James"
(and I bet I did not read the Irish right....)

"Hi All! Perhaps I got a little too much sunshine. It was so lovely to meet you all and some of you for the first time. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Colm"

"Hi everyone,I hope you are all doing well. As OBI just said it's been great seeing so many of you (can't read the next word) wish I was seening more of you all especially those outside US/Canada. Love Matthew"

Helloooo! having great craic here on the road! Busy couple of months but all going well so far! Enjoyed a little dip in the Atlantic in Floriday already. Love to all, Daryl"

Pwwwww.... hope I got that all right )

Enjoy the postcard which is - of course - in our "Postcards 2" album


Von root am 18.4.2011 19:20:52 [4055 Hits] Administratoren

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